GA Travelcard

GA Travelcard for Children

Free trips for children aged 6 to 16 years

With the GA Travelcard for Children, children aged six to 16 can travel unaccompanied for one year on public transport throughout Switzerland.

If one of your parents already has a GA Travelcard and you would like to purchase a 2nd class GA Travelcard for Children, the Familia Travelcard for Children is a considerably cheaper option for you. Instead of 1720 francs, you only pay 710 francs.

You can easily purchase the GA Travelcard for Children from the webshop or via the the BLS Mobil public transport app.


  • Unlimited mobility
    Travel as often and as far as you like at no extra cost.

  • Flexible and convenient
    Take a trip spontaneously without having to worry about tickets and validation in advance.

  • Saving
    If you travel frequently, a GA Travelcard can mean significant savings.

  • Additional discounts
    e.g. on tickets for events or museums.

Prices GA Travelcard for Children

Annual payment  
1st class
2nd class
          CHF 2850.00
CHF 1720.00
Monthly payment  
1st class
2nd class
          CHF 260.00
CHF 165.00

Purchase & payment


You can easily purchase the GA Travelcard for Children online from the BLS webshop or via the BLS Mobil app. Your will need your customer number (000-000-000-0) for this. If you don’t have one of these already, an online identity check will be carried or at a staffed public transport ticket office. In this case, please bring your SwissPass with you. If you don’t have a SwissPass, please bring a recent analogue or digital passport photo and your passport or ID card.

Staffed ticket offices

Alternatively, you can also purchase the GA Travelcard for Children at your BLS Travel Centre or at a staffed public transport ticket office. In this case, please bring your SwissPass with you. If you don’t have a SwissPass, please bring a recent analogue or digital passport photo and your passport or ID card.

Annual payment or monthly payment

You can pay for the GA Travelcard for Children annually or monthly. If you pay monthly, you can cancel the GA Travelcard – subject to the minimum contract period of six months – at any time. If you pay annually, you save at least CHF 20.00 per month.

Automatic renewal

When you purchase a GA Travelcard, you enter into an open-ended contract, meaning that your travel card on the existing SwissPass card is automatically extended by one year or one month, depending on the period of validity chosen. Two months before expiry, you’ll receive a reminder informing you of the latest possible cancellation date.

Über you can subscribe to an additional cancellation reminder by e-mail or SMS.

For legal reasons, you are only eligible for the automatic renewal of your travel card if a parent or other responsible adult (such as your mother or father) makes the purchase online on your behalf.

Minimum contract period

Each GA Travelcard has a minimum contract period of six months at the beginning, regardless of the payment frequency chosen. You then decide whether you want your travel card to continue or whether you want to cancel it with one month's notice to the end of any travel card month.

Range of validity

With the GA Travelcard for Children, young people aged between six and 16 travel without restriction on the routes of BLS and most other Swiss railways, on ships, in post buses and on urban local transport. However, there are some exceptions and restrictions, so we recommend to find out the exact range of validity before beginning your journey.

Additional benefits

A GA Travelcard for Children allows you to you benefit from attractive discounts and benefits:

  • A child travelling with a 2nd class GA Travelcard travels free of charge in 1st class, provided the accompanying adult has a 1st class ticket.
  • Up to 50% discount or other bonuses (e.g. goods voucher, drink) on numerous leisure offers (events, shows, museum admissions, etc.) The best thing to do is enquire directly with the provider.
  • CHF 5 discount on short-term bike rentals at Rent a Bike.

  • Exclusive leisure offers and attractive products from the SwissPass Plus Partners

  • Free access to the Railteam lounges with free drinks, WiFi and a separate railway station counter for 1st class GA Travelcard holders.

  • Free currency exchange at BLS Travel Centres

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

I don’t have a SwissPass yet. What can I do?

SwissPass, one card for everything

With the purchase of a travel card, you automatically receive the SwissPass. All you need is a valid ID card or passport and a recent passport photo. As a new customer, you can also now purchase your travelcard in the BLS-Webshop and confirm your identity online in just a few minutes without having to find a ticket office.

How soon will I receive my GA Travelcard?

If you already have a SwissPass, you can use your GA Travelcard from the first day of validity. Otherwise, the GA Travelcard on the SwissPass will be sent by post within approx. 10 days.

What happens to travel cards that I no longer need?

If you decide to purchase a GA Travelcard, you will receive a pro rata refund for other travel cards you no longer need, such as Half fare, Regional, Point-to-point or Modular travel cards. Get in touch with a BLS Travel Centre using the SwissPass on which your previous season ticket is referenced and you will receive a corresponding credit.

Can I interrupt my GA Travelcard?

If you don’t need your GA Travelcard for a certain period of time, you can interrupt it for at least five consecutive days and up to a maximum of 30 days per travel card year. With just a few clicks, you can deposit or interrupt your GA Travelcard yourself on

The credit for the deposited days will be credited to you on the next GA Travelcard invoice after the deposit expires. Please note that depending on your travel card, this may only be the case after one year.

How can I cancel my GA Travelcard?

GA Travelcards that are paid for monthly or annually can be cancelled six months after the first day of validity at the earliest. Cancellation must be made at least one month before the end of a travel card month. This means that you can cancel your GA Travelcard after five months at the earliest, at the end of the sixth month. If you pay annually, you will be refunded the unused months less a processing fee of CHF 10.00.

On you can cancel your travel card yourself in just a few steps. We’ll also be happy to accept your cancellation in person or by telephone at the BLS Travel Centre.

Refund in the event of early termination

If you wish to cancel your annually paid GA Travelcard early, you will be reimbursed for the unused months. The repayment amount is calculated per used month used and not per day. 9% of the purchase price is deducted per month used. In addition, a handling fee of CHF 10.00 will be charged.


GA Travelcard for Adults, 2nd class with annual payment CHF 3860.00 
Return after eight months
CHF 3860.00 less 8 x 9% or 347.40

CHF 2779.20
Handling fee CHF 10.00
Refund CHF 1070.00

Is the GA Travelcard valid on mountain railways?

On purely tourist mountain railways such as the Jungfraujoch, the GA Travelcard is not usually valid and you pay a reduced or even the full fare. The GA Travelcard is usually valid for mountain railways that serve residential areas.

Is the GA Travelcard valid on boats?

With the GA Travelcard, you can travel by boat free of charge on most of Switzerland's large lakes.

Exceptions: Lake Greifen, Lake Lugano, Lac de Joux, Lac des Brenets, Lake Poschiavo, Lake Sils and Lake Walen.


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