Travelling with a bicycle

Loading, sending as luggage, hiring, sharing

Want to explore the region’s beauty spots on two wheels? No problem, thanks to Switzerland's network of cycle paths, which stretches across several thousand kilometres. You can load your bicycle yourself on all BLS trains as well as numerous buses, thus allowing you to speedily reach the starting point of your cycle tour. It’s even more convenient if you send your bicycle as luggage, or rent a bicycle or e-bike at one of our train stations.

Loading your bicycle yourself

You can load your bicycle yourself on all our trains and boats. In our buses, you can take your bicycle along on the following lines:

  • 468 Burgdorf–Heimiswil–Kaltacker(–Lueg)
  • 271 Langnau–Signau–Röthenbach(–Chuderhüsi)
  • 471 Hasle-Rüegsau–Affoltern-Weier
  • 493 Huttwil–Wyssachen

Ticket for your bicycle

In order to transport your bicycle on our trains and buses, you will need a bicycle ticket. These are available from all staffed public transport points of sale in Switzerland, at automatic ticket machines and the online Ticket Shop (except for annual bike passes and 1-day bike pass multipacks). To transport your bicycle on our boats, you will need a BLS Navigation bicycle day ticket. These cost CHF 8.00 and are available on site. The bicycle ticket (train/bus) is not valid on board the boat. For the train stations between Iselle di Trasquera and Domodossola, other conditions may apply.

You will need a bicycle ticket for:

  • Conventional bicycles
  • Bicycle trailers (unloaded)
  • Special bicycles (longer than 2 metres)
    People with an “identity card for travellers with a disability” can transport their special bicycle for the price of a conventional bicycle.
  • Pushchairs that are used as bicycle trailers when the parents are travelling with bicycles

The following are transported for free:

  • Pushchair bicycle trailers when the parents are travelling without bicycles
  • Children’s bicycles belonging to children under the age of 6
  • Children’s bicycles and trailer bicycles, in combination with a Junior travelcard, Children’s Co-travelcard and STS Family Card, if the parents or grandparents have purchased a valid bicycle ticket

Group travel

Depending on the type of vehicle, our trains have room for two to twelve bicycles. If you are travelling with a group of more than 10 people and bicycles, it is not possible to load the bicycles yourselves. We recommend that you hire them or send them as luggage.

When getting on

On the train doors, a pictogram shows you where to find bicycle hooks or platforms for securely stowing bicycles.

On the train

Please use the mounting fixtures on the train and make sure your bicycle does not block the path of other passengers. You are responsible for your own bicycle during the journey.

Other things worth knowing

In case of high passenger volumes, there is unfortunately not always enough space for transporting bicycles. The best thing to do is check the capacity of the relevant trains in the online timetable before embarking on your journey.

All of our RegioExpress trains are staffed by conductors. These employees will be happy to answer any questions you may have and show you where you can put your bicycle.

On buses

Position your bicycle on the bus’s central platform and keep a firm grip on it during the journey. Busland AG accepts no liability for any damages.

The bicycles are transported in the passenger area. Space is therefore limited. During peak times, passengers in wheelchairs or with pushchairs have priority.

Aboard our boats

The self-loading of bicycles is possible to a limited degree. During peak times, passengers in wheelchairs or with pushchairs have priority.

Sending your bicycle as luggage

With a valid ticket, you can drop off your bicycle at any station with a luggage desk, and also collect it again from here. Bicycles dropped off by 19.00 hours are ready for collection two days later from 09.00 hours.


  • No pre-registration is necessary for individual travellers or families.
  • Groups of 10 people or more must register to send their bicycles as luggage at least 48 hours ahead of departure.


Cycle hire

BLS quickly and conveniently takes you to Switzerland’s most beautiful excursion destinations. You can hire a variety of bicycles and e-bikes at many stations within the BLS region.

How to obtain your bicycle

You can obtain your rental contract at the station’s ticket counter or luggage counter. Use your personal ID card, Half-Fare travelcard, GA travelcard or driver’s licence as proof of ID.

How to return you bicycle

Rented bicycles which you have hired at a train station can be returned at the same station or, in most instances, to another train station offering bicycle hire. You will have to indicate this when hiring the bike.

Transporting rented bicycles yourself by train

If you grow tired, you can load your rented bicycle yourself without a bicycle ticket. This only applies to bikes hired at train stations.

For your safety

To increase your safety, helmets can be rented from CHF 5.00 at any station.

Discounts: families, groups and schools all benefit

  • CHF 5 discount on all bicycle types for customers with the Half-Fare travelcard and GA travelcard
  • 50% discount on the standard rate with the Junior travelcard
  • 10% discount on the standard rate for groups of 10 or more paying persons

No discount is offered on the return transport. There are children’s bikes, trailers and free children’s seats available for families at certain stations.

Reservations for individual passengers, groups and schools

We recommend reserving bicycles in advance from our partner Rentabike, or by telephone at every participating train station.

Bike-sharing Velos, E-Bikes stundenweise mieten

At many railway stations within the BLS region, there are bicycles and e-bikes that can also just be hired on an hourly basis.

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