BLS Cargo Ltd

With its experience and expertise in Alpine and rail freight transport, BLS Cargo Ltd ensures that mountains are no obstacle to reaching your destination.

BLS Cargo Ltd is a specialist in rail freight transport within and through Switzerland. The company focuses on Alpine transit with international block trains on the Lötschberg/Simplon and Gotthard routes. Here, BLS Cargo Ltd offers trains as unaccompanied combined transport, as accompanied combined transport (“rolling highway”) and in conventional transport operations.

A further mainstay are block train transport operations within Switzerland, whereby these trains mainly transport oil, coal and construction and excavated materials. With a market share of approximately 28%, BLS Cargo Ltd plays a key role in transit rail transport in Switzerland and thus makes an important contribution to the achievement of the Swiss Federal Government's modal shift targets.

BLS Cargo Ltd’s majority shareholder (52%) is BLS Ltd., Transport Ferroviaire Holding holds 45% and Ambrogio Trasporti S.p.A. holds the remaining 3%.

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