Burgdorf locomotive depot

The old EBT locomotive depot in Burgdorf has been home to the BLS Foundation's historic vehicles since 2012

Constructed in 1915, the Emmental-Burgdorf-Thun Railway (EBT) depot in Burgdorf is imbued with captivating railway tales from bygone eras. At the moment, the renowned track construction company Sersa uses the workshop section located on the east side of the impressive brick building, featuring its distinctive glulam truss structure. The building opposite, erected in the same year, is a masterpiece of reinforced concrete, boasting three tracks and initially serving as a facility for locomotive painting and repairs.

In 1950, the western section was extended significantly and put into operation as a depot. Following the construction of the new workshop in Oberburg in 1977, both the depot and the workshop in Burgdorf became operationally irrelevant. As part of the station renovation in Burgdorf, the siding outside the depot on the west side was removed and the overhead lines earthed. The depot extends over an impressive 250 metres of track, while the outdoor facilities cover 240 metres on the west side and 150 metres on the east side.

Notable historical highlights include the swing bridge and the symmetrical three-way turnouts, which give the locomotive depot a distinctive historical allure. 

Rent out the locomotive depot

The historic depot in Burgdorf can be rented out for events.

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Locomotive depot tour

Group tour, CHF 18.00 per person

Visit the BLS Foundation's depot and take a guided tour of historic locomotives and railway traction vehicles; climb aboard and marvel at historical artefacts from the history of BLS.

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