Experience the history of BLS first hand

Would you like to take part in an exciting guided tour of the old locomotive depot and the BLS Foundation's historical collection? Want to celebrate your next big occasion with a trip on a historic train or take part in unique events? We've got the right offer for you.


Historical special trips and events

Railway adventures
Blauer Pfeil bei Weissenburg
Historische Extrafahrten zum Freilichttheater Lötschberg

Samstage, 13. und 27. Juli sowie 3. August 2024

Samstag, 17. August 2024
Die Mutzensuppe - «Bärner Mutzetopf »:
Blaue Stunden im historischen «Blauen Pfeil» mit Robert & seinem Team
Freitag, 13. September 2024
Charter Blauer Pfeil in Faulensee
Mit dem «Blauen Pfeil» ans SwissChamber Music Festival

Charter trips – our vehicles

There are many occasions that require a special setting. Be it a milestone birthday, a lavish wedding or an exclusive corporate event. Surprise your guests with a unique, special journey on a historic train. We will be happy to advise you personally and put together an individual travel programme for you.

The following vehicles are available for hire:

Charter trains
Blauer Pfeil Huttwil
Nostalgic twin railcar service – “Blauer Pfeil” (Blue Arrow)
Charter trains
Wellensittich bei Frutigen
BE 545 – Nostalgic railcar “Wellensittich”
Charter trains
Ae 4 4
Ae 4/4 – historic locomotive
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You celebrate and enjoy – we do the organisation and driving


On a tour of discovery in the historical Burgdorf locomotive depot

In the BLS Foundation's depot, you can take a guided tour of historic locomotives and admire historical artefacts from BLS history. Visitors can also get first-hand experience of being a locomotive driver in an advanced simulator. An experienced train driver will provide insights into their profession and assist you in manoeuvring the train through the actual landscape.

The old depot can be rented out for events. 

Private group tour or hire
Führerstand im Blauen Pfeil
Historic locomotive depot & collection
Railway adventures
BLS-Loksimulator in Burgdorf
The BLS train simulator in Burgdorf

Further topics

Our vehicles

Contemporary witnesses of railway history

Home of historic vehicles

The old EBT depot in Burgdorf

Historical collection

Posters, brochures, paintings, lanterns, uniforms ...

The BLS Foundation

History, mission, organisation, employees

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