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BLS and its predecessor railways have repeatedly provided pioneering services, helping to shape the railway system in Switzerland. State-of-the-art technology was used right from the start. In 1913, as steam locomotives were hauling goods trains at 26 km/h on the Gotthard, the world's most powerful electric locomotives were pulling both passenger and goods trains at 50 km/h on the Lötschberg over the mountain route.

In the 1930s, BLS procured the first light railcars for regional transport. At the beginning of the 1940s, together with the industry, it developed the world's first high-performance locomotive without a carrying axle, the Ae 4/4.

The non-profit BLS Foundation is tasked with preserving this unique historical heritage and bringing it to life. It collects, maintains and presents the most important pioneering achievements of BLS and its predecessor railways.

Vehicles can be best experienced when they are in use. For this reason, the BLS Foundation deliberately uses selected vehicles, making them visible and bringing them to life for the public. The Foundation provides access to non-operational vehicles and other meticulously chosen artefacts from BLS history for interested members of the public via group tours and events. These can be seen at the Foundation's site, located in the centrally positioned depot of the former Emmental railway in Burgdorf.


Foundation Board

  • Martin Leu (President) Project Manager BLS Ltd.
  • Aita Caviezel (Vice President) DXMA Ltd.
  • Barbara Studer Immenhauser State Archivist of the Canton of Berne
  • Markus Barth Owner and Managing Director of GmbH
  • Bruno Jenni Head of Railway Production Cost Control at BLS Ltd.
  • Markus Giger Former Head of Financing Section FOT

Operational Management

  • Hans-Peter Ernst, Managing Director
  • Brigitte Rohrbach, Deputy Managing Director
  • Peter Rytz, Head of Maintenance and Train Management


  • Mark Bachmann, Marketing
  • Hansruedi Baumgartner, Ride in the driver’s cab
  • Patrick Belloncle, Simulator and guided tours
  • Josia Berger, Simulator
  • Ulrich Bühler, Employees Foundation
  • Peter Eichenberger, Train driver
  • Peter Eilinger, Ticket Inspector
  • Peter Gast, Train driver
  • Christian Gehrig, Employees Foundation
  • Iwan Gottsponer, Train driver
  • Daniel Hauswirth, Train driver
  • Harri Heiniger, Train driver
  • Peter Herrmann, Ticket Inspector
  • Ester Hofer, Ticket Inspector
  • Markus Hügli, Historical collection
  • Gregor Jäggi, Ride in the driver’s cab and guided tours
  • Thomas Kammermann, Ticket Inspector
  • Marcel Maurer, Train driver
  • Fritz Nyffenegger, Employees Foundation
  • Beat Probst, Employees Foundation
  • Beat Schweizer, Employees Foundation
  • Hans-Peter Straubhaar, Simulator
  • Adrian Streit, Train driver
  • Werner Stöckli, Historical collection and guided tours

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Work with us

None of this would be possible without our dedicated employees.

To ensure that the BLS Foundation can continue to fulfil its mission in the future, we are constantly looking for qualified and interested people. If you are interested in working with the BLS Foundation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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