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World Nature Forum in Naters

The interactive exhibition on the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site

The UNESCO Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch region is one of the most beautiful mountain regions in the world. A visit to the museum will never restore the strength of the imposing walls of the Bernese Alps or the majesty of the Aletsch glacier. However, a visit to the World Nature Forum is a must. In fact, only its interactive exhibition allows you to have an overview of the region and to discover this UNESCO World Heritage site with its five senses.

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    Two museums with a shared concern and complementary displays

    The museums could not be more different. Based in the capital city Bern, the Swiss Alpine Museum was founded in 1905 and looks out over the mountains covering both Switzerland and the entire Alpine arc that runs through nine countries. The museum is devoted to a wide variety of themes involving the encounter between humans and the Alps. Like an erratic that has escaped from the Great Aletsch Glacier in the village of Naters, the World Nature Forum, on the other hand, has been in operation since only 2016, with a focus on the “Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch” UNESCO world heritage site.

    Who decides about the future of the Alps? What direction should tourism take if there’s no snow in the winter? How can sustainable and innovative craftsmanship contribute to the development of the Alpine regions? These are the kind of issues that are considered by both of the museums. What links them is an interest in the present, and a commitment towards a lively interrogation of the cultural and natural space of the “mountains”. Where the museums differ and complement each other is in their perspectives, their formats, and the unmistakable curation style used in each institution. The World Nature Forum arouses a spirit of exploration in its visitors through exciting films, interactive experience stations, infographics and artefacts devoted to the “Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch” UNESCO world heritage site. The Swiss Alpine Museum, for its part, hosts up to four special exhibitions annually, arising from fluctuating collaborations with partners in the worlds of science, art and politics. These exhibitions form the basis for a discursive programme of events and education. For the public, the museums therefore offer complementary experiences around a single theme: the mountains and humankind’s relations to them. Reduced price entry is available to the partner exhibition at the other museum.

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      Festival der Natur

      21. und 30. Mai 2021 im UNESCO Weltnaturerbe

      Vom 21. bis 30. Mai wird im Welterbe-Gebiet Jungfrau-Aletsch die Natur gefeiert. Diverse Anlässe und Aktivitäten vermitteln spannendes Wissen zur Artenvielfalt, Biodiversität und Ökologie. Auf dem Programm stehen zum Beispiel ein Waldspaziergang oder eine Bergahorn-Pflanzaktion, bei der kleine wie grosse Besucher selbst einen wertvollen Beitrag zum Erhalt der Natur leisten können.

      Waldspaziergang Bellwald

      Wälder gehören zu den vielfältigsten Lebensräumen in der Schweiz und sie übernehmen wichtige Aufgaben. In Anlehnung an die Kampagne "Wald-Vielfalt" unternehmen wir am Mittwoch, 26. Mai gemeinsam einen Spaziergang durch den Wald: Erlebe die Vielfalt dieses Lebensraums und erfahre zahlreiche spannende Fakten über den Forst und seine Bewohner.

      Datum: 26. Mai 2021 von 14.00 bis 16.00 Uhr

      Ort: Sport- und Freizeitanlage in Bellwald

      Anmeldung: per Mail an info@jungfraualetsch.ch


      Bergahorn-Pflanzaktion im Berner Oberland

      Das UNESCO-Welterbe Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch möchte dazu beitragen, dass die frei stehenden Bergahorne als Landschaftselement langfristig erhalten bleiben. Der diesjährige Aktionstag findet am Freitag, 28. Mai statt. Das Material zum Pflanzen und Sichern von Bergahorn-Nachwuchs (Bäumchen und Pfosten) wird von interessierten Bewirtschaftern auf der Berner Seite der Welterbe-Region kostenlos zu Verfügung gestellt, die Bereitstellung der Materialen erfolgt an zentral gelegenen Orten in der Gemeinde.

      Datum: 28. Mai 2021

      Anmeldung: per Mail an info@jungfraualetsch.ch


      Welterbe-Gmeinwärch Suone Niwärch

      Hilf mit und leiste einen wertvollen Beitrag zum Erhalt der kulturhistorischen bedeutenden Suone Niwärch. Im Rahmen des Welterbe-Gmeinwärchs 2021 findet am Samstag, 29. Mai ein ganztägiger Landschaftspflegeeinsatz in Ausserberg statt. Dabei steht die Instandstellung der Suone Niwärch auf dem Programm.

      Datum: 29. Mai 2021 von 08.10 bis 15.00 Uhr

      Ort: Hotel Bahnhof in Ausserberg

      Anmeldung: per Mail an info@jungfraualetsch.ch


      Exkursion hinteres Lauterbrunnental

      Tauche mit uns am Sonntag, 30. Mai in die wilde und vielfältige Hochgebirgslandschaft des Hinteren Lauterbrunnentals ein. Von Exkursionsleiter Christian Rösti erfährst du viel Wissenswertes über die einheimischen Tiere und Pflanzen, deren Lebensräume sowie die traditionelle Alpwirtschaft.

      Datum: 30. Mai 2021 von 10.00 bis 16.00 Uhr

      Ort: Bushaltestelle Stechelberg, Hotel

      Anmeldung: per Mail an info@jungfraualetsch.ch

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        The World Nature Forum provides visitors with an overview of the Aletsch Arena region, an insight into its exciting history, and a unique view of its landscapes and culture. The exhibition was designed as a base camp for the World Heritage site and provides visitors with the necessary tools to navigate within this site. With exciting films, interactive stations and various artifacts, the exhibition awakens the visitor’s spirit of research and raises central questions about how best to understand this natural heritage. The Panorama area is definitely the highlight of the exhibition: on a 100 square meter screen films from UNESCO World Heritage films are projected.

        New exhibit from July 2020

        Our UNESCO World Heritage Site Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch stands out thanks to its biodiversity. Yet insects are often viewed as pests in everyday life, even though they are vital and play a key role in our ecosystems. For example, they serve as a food source for a variety of animals, produce raw materials and pollinate around 87.5% of wild and cultivated plants.

        Yet nature’s little heroes are critically endangered: the destruction of their habitats, the use of pesticides, intensive farming, light pollution and climate change are having a devastating impact on insect numbers.

        Our new exhibit not only presents you with the diversity and benefits of the insect world but also invites you to discover our Alpine flora and some of the animal inhabitants

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          Opening hours Today (Sunday) open

          Opening hours World Nature Forum

          Tues.–Sun. 10.00–17.00 hours

          Closed Mondays

          Subject to change without prior notice

          Admission fees


          • CHF 18.00 Adults
          • CHF 15.00 Apprentices/students
          • CHF 9.00 Children aged 6–16
          • Free of charge Children up to the age of 6
          • CHF 42.00 Families

          Prices in CHF incl. VAT / Prices and products subject to alteration

          Plan journey

          The World Nature Forum is approximately 10 minutes’ walk from the Brig Railway Station.

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