Culinary group excursion to Mt. Niesen

Round off the day with a delicious meal on Mt. Niesen.

Great culinary variety is on offer for your evening funicular ride to Mt. Niesen: the Niesen Buffet, the Fondue Rustique, and a monthly themed buffet. There’s something to suit every taste.

Availability Today (Saturday) open

All-you-can-eat “Niesen Buffet”

Every Wednesday, 3 July to 6 November 2019 (except 17 July and 14 August 2019)

All-you-can-eat “Ächt Schwyzerisch” (authentically Swiss monthly themed buffet)

Every Friday, 24 May to 8 November 2019 (except 14 June 2019)

All-you-can-eat “Fondue Rustique” (meat fondue)

Every Saturday, 25 May to 9 November 2019 (except 1 June and 14 September 2019)

Dinner begins at 18.30 hours in each instance.

Timetable, evening rides

  • Last ascent 19.30 hours
  • Last descent 22.55 hours

Subject to change without prior notice


Groups from 10 paying customers (payable by one person or on account)

  • CHF 71.00 Price incl. funicular ride, adults (per person)
  • CHF 41.00 Price incl. funicular ride, child aged 6 to 16 (per person)

The price includes the all-you-can-eat themed buffet (excl. drinks) and the ride with the Niesenbahn funicular.

Children with the SBB Junior/Grandchild travelcard ride for free with the Niesenbahn funicular.

Prices in CHF incl. VAT / Prices and products subject to alteration.


All-you-can-eat “Niesen Buffet”

  • Generous salad buffet (vegetarian)
  • Soup of the season (vegetarian)
  • Boiled leg of ham in mountain thyme with potato salad
  • Chicken breast stuffed with dried meat and cheese in a sweetcorn coating
  • Beef stew flavoured with scaly hedgehog mushrooms
  • Risotto with barley, buckwheat & nuts (vegetarian)
  • Frutigtal-style tofu (vegetarian)
  • Puréed potatoes (vegetarian)
  • Spaetzle pasta (vegetarian)
  • Vegetables of the season.

All-you-can-eat “Ächt Schwyzerisch” (authentically Swiss monthly themed buffet)

  • April to May: Dancing in the spring with traditional folk music
  • June: Colourful Röschti Festival
  • July: Schwyzer Pasta–basta
  • August: Barbecue buffet on Mt. Niesen
  • September: Early autumn buffet
  • October: Autumnal game buffet
  • November: Raclette with traditional folk music

All-you-can-eat “Fondue Rustique” (meat fondue)

  • Generous salad buffet (vegetarian)
  • You get to cook prime cuts of cubed beef, pork and chicken in a spicy broth at your table
  • Home-made sauces, buttered rice and crunchy fries (vegetarian)
  • Frutigtal tofu and seasonal vegetables (vegan)


Please make an advance reservation (see contact)

Group size

From 10 to 120 people

Welcome drink

On request, you can order a welcome drink of your choice


No dogs allowed in the restaurant

Group travel arrangements

Book your journey at your nearest BLS Travel Centre or online using the Group travel order form.

You can conveniently buy tickets online using the BLS Mobil app.

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