Hiking & nature

Wooden Bridge Trail along the Trueb and Ilfis rivers

A unique landscape of wooden bridges

On the Wooden Bridge Trail, you will walk past bridges from the Baroque period, the turn of the twentieth century and the present day. Nowhere else in Switzerland will you find such stylistic and architectural diversity as in Emmental, with each bridge featuring its own information table to tell you more about its unique history.


From Trub, the Wooden Bridge Trail will take you past bridges from the Baroque period, the turn of the twentieth century and the present day. In Trubschachen, we recommend visiting the Local History Museum and the Kambly Experience. A detour to Steibäch takes you to the venerable Steinbach Bridge, which has had to be restored several times already.

The trail continues along the flat and well-established path beside the River Ilfis and through shady riverside woodland to Langnau i.E. The bank of the river offers beautifully situated barbecue spots and places to swim. When you become hungry or thirsty, there are various catering establishments along the route.

Key data

Walking route Trub–Trubschachen–Langnau i.E.
Distance   9,2 km
Walking times 2  hours 10 minutes
Level of difficulty easy

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Availability Today (Wednesday) open

The Wooden Bridge Trail is accessible all year round.


Subject to change without prior notice


The hiking trail can be followed free of charge.

How to get there

Travel comfortably by train to "Trubschachen" and continue with bus no. 284 to the stop "Trub, Dorf". The return journey starts from "Langnau i.E.".

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Location Departs from Thun wharf

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