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Gurten - a paradise for hikers

Hiking on Bern's balcony

Only a few minutes from the city centre, the Gurten hill offers a unique view of the Federal Palace, the Old Town of Bern and the snowy peaks of the Oberland. The Bernese «mountain» is an ideal starting point for your hikes and walks, combining routes for all levels and a unique atmosphere.

The most beautiful terrace in Bern is on the Gurten, 858 metres above sea level. Bern's balcony offers a breathtaking view of the capital, the Jura Mountains and the Alps, and a fantastic playground for children. Hikers and walkers will find on the Gurten a varied offer and trails adapted to all needs. All the routes shown below start from the Gurten Funicular Summit Station.

Gurten walkway Lots of play opportunities for the entire family

Easy footpath across the meadows of the Gurten and along the edge of the forest, signposted “Grosser Rundweg”. Splendid view of the city of Bern. A grassy play area, a children’s playground, barbecue areas and a viewing tower can be found along the route.

  • Route: Gurten / Bergstation – Gurten / Ostsignal – Studholz –Gurten / Westsignal – Gurten / Bergstation
  • Starting point: Gurten Bergstation
  • Arrival point: Gurten Bergstation
  • Length: 3.2 km
  • Height difference (up/down): 100 m / 100 m
  • Duration: 1h 

Ulmizer-view Ideal route for animal lovers

The ideal route: a large part of the hike crosses a shady forest. The path starts by following the circular path before turning south towards Studholz and descending regularly towards Blinzern.

  • Route: Gurten / Bergstation – Studholz – Jennershus – Chüeschatte –  Blinzern
  • Starting point: Gurten Bergstation
  • Arrival point: Blinzern
  • Length: 5.8 km
  • Height difference (up/down): 50 m / 230 m
  • Duration: 1h30 

Gurten Classic The classic descent

The classic descent of the Gurten towards Wabern, through forests and meadows. Nice panoramic view from Gurtendorf.

  • Route: Gurten / Bergstation – Studholz – Hasebrunnewald – Wabern
  • Starting point: Gurten Bergstation
  • Arrival point: Wabern (Talstation Gurtenbahn)
  • Length: 3.8 km
  • Height difference (up/down): 30 m / 310 m
  • Duration: 1h 

View on the Alps Sweeping view of the Alps

Pleasant hike towards the valley on the east side of the Gurten to Kehrsatz. Splendid view of the mountain ranges of the Prealps and the Bernese Alps.

  • Route: Gurten / Bergstation – Gurten / Ostsignal – Gurtendorf – Breitägerte – Kehrsatz
  • Starting point: Gurten Bergstation
  • End point: Kerhsatz station
  • Length: 4.4 km
  • Height difference (up/down): 40 m / 300 m
  • Duration: 1h10

Gurten Tour A little more strenuous

More sporty hike around the Gurten. The descent at the start in Grüenebodewald forest is only suitable for experienced hikers in wet conditions (slippery sandstone underfoot). We arrive in the Köniztal valley by passing through Jennershus, then to Wabern.

  • Route: Gurten / Bergstation – Grüenebodewald – Chüeschatte – Jennershus – Köniztal – Breitägerte – Wabern
  • Starting point: Gurten Bergstation
  • Arrival point: Wabern (Talstation Gurtenbahn)
  • Length: 7.4 km
  • Height difference (up/down): 190 m / 370 m
  • Duration: 2h10 

Observatory - the observatory above Bern

The observatory on the Gurten - a look into the universe for the whole family.

Since April 2022, the observatory on the Gurten has been thrilling astronomy fans both young and old. "Astro Events" explains the complex physical phenomena of the universe in an understandable and entertaining way and the telescope allows you to see the ring of Saturn or a planetary nebula live.

  • Observation evenings are held every Tuesday. Astro Events explains the phenomena of the universe in an entertaining way and offers a glimpse into distant galaxies.
  • In the winter months, children's observation evenings are held once a month for young planet fans, with models, crafts and, of course, a look through the telescope. 
  • Special celestial events take place several times a year, for example a shooting star night or a lunar eclipse. On these occasions, the observatory puts on an evening with the culinary and the wow factor. 
  • The observatory is open to the public a few days a year, free of charge, so that everyone can have a look through a telescope.

The number of visitors per evening is limited and pre-registration is necessary.

Gurten funicular

The Gurten funicular runs every day from 7:00 am to 11:45 pm (Sunday until 8:15 pm) every 15 minutes and takes you in a few minutes from Wabern to the top of the Gurten. The general subscription and the Libero zone 100/101 season ticket are valid. Tickets can also be purchased via the BLS online timetable and via the BLS Mobil App, as well as at all stations in Switzerland.

Operating times

Daily, every 15 mins

Mon–Sat                         07.00–23.45 hours
Sun and public holidays  07.00–20.15 hours


Funicular railway Wabern–Gurten Kulm one-way

  • CHF 6.00 Adult
  • CHF 3.00 Adult with Half-Fare Card
  • free Adult with GA
  • CHF 3.00 Child 6–15.99 years
  • free Child up to 5.99 years

Funicular railway Wabern–Gurten Kulm retour

  • CHF 11.00 Adult
  • CHF 5.50 Adult with Half-Fare Card
  • free Adult with GA
  • CHF 5.50 Child 6–15.99 years
  • free Child up to 5.99 years

BLS suggestion

The summer toboggan run promises to be fun for young and old alike: tight corners, straight lines that allow you to go down the track at full speed and even a tunnel that will guarantee thrills and strong sensations.

  • Children from 8 years old can use the toboggan individually.
  • Children between 3 and 7 years can only use the summer toboggan run when accompanied (over the age of 12).

Operating times


Mon–Fri: 13.00–18.00
Sat–Sun:  10.00–18.00


  • CHF 4.00 Children from 9 years
  • CHF 5.00 Adults

How to get there

Travel comfortably by train to Wabern b. Bern. In just a few steps, you are at the Gurten funicular.


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