Diemtigtal ‒ three snow-sports resorts, countless options

Grimmialp, Springenboden and Wiriehorn offer an incredible diversity of winter-sports adventures for every taste and age group.

Great family ski days, evoking childhood memories on lightning-fast toboggan runs, a solitary snowshoe hike in the pristine snow, enjoying a variety of cross-country ski routes through deeply snow-decked countryside, relaxing on a winter hike and finding time to get away from it all and switch off – this is wintertime in the home of Swiss-wrestling champion Kilian Wenger. After a time-out in the fresh air, the cosy sun terraces offer a lovely place to rest. And the best thing about it all: for a 50-franc note, children can enjoy a whole season’s worth of skiing.

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    • 6-person chairlift, 4 ski lifts, 2 children’s lifts, 1 flying carpet
    • 17.5 km of ski pistes
    • 5.6 km of toboggan runs
    • 10 km of winter hiking trails
    • 22 km of cross-country skiing trails
    • 3.5-km snowshoe trail
    • Snow park, free-ride piste, ski school, children’s playground


    • 3-person chairlift, 1 ski lift, 1 children’s lift
    • 10 km of ski pistes
    • 10 km of winter hiking trails
    • 22 km of cross-country skiing trails
    • 4.7-km snowshoe trail
    • “Schlaraffenland” children’s playground, free-ride piste, ski school


    • 1 ski lift, 2 children’s lifts
    • 6 km of ski pistes 
    • 15 km of winter hiking trails
    • 5.3-km marked snowshoe trail
    • Play paradise for children, ski school


    The current winter-sports report showing the facilities that are open and closed can be found using the following links:


    Children’s flat-rate for all of Diemtigtal

    When buying a season pass for Diemtigtal, Wiriehorn, Grimmialp and Springenboden for adults, you will receive a season pass for your own child (born in or after 2005) for the same area at a sensational price of just CHF 50.00.


    Season passes

    • CHF 540.00 Diemtigtal
    • CHF 490.00 Wiriehorn
    • CHF 400.00 Grimmialp
    • CHF 280.00 Springenboden
    • CHF 50.00 Children born 2005 and younger (with winter campaign)

    Day tickets Wiriehorn

    • CHF 48.00 Adults
    • CHF 5.00 Children
    • CHF 5.00 Ski school area children

    Day tickets Grimmialp

    • CHF 39.00 Adult
    • CHF 26.00 Children
    • CHF 17.00 Children’s lift Egg

    Day tickets Springenboden

    • CHF 28.00 Adult
    • CHF 22.00 Children
    • CHF 10.00 Children’s lift

    BLS suggestion

    Take a look inside the Swiss Wrestling Pavilion on Springenboden. Here, winter walkers find themselves in the home of the Swiss wrestling king, Kilian Wenger – which is why there are life-sized models of him and Arnold the cow, as well as exciting profiles of the Swiss wrestling kings and the accoutrements of the sport, to be admired. Visitors can also buy specialities of the Diemtigtal at the Pavilion.

    How to get there

    Enjoy a relaxing journey with the RegioExpress Lötschberger to Oey-Diemtigen. From there, the Postbus will take you to your desired winter-sports resort.

    • Wiriehorn: take the Postbus to “Riedli, Talstation Wiriehorn”
    • Grimmialp: take the Postbus to “Grimmialp, Hotel Spillgerten”
    • Springenboden: take the Postbus to the “Horboden, Wirtschaft” stop. 
      Shuttle service on request: Tel. +41 (0)079 616 90 45 | Tel. +41 (0)79 664 08 60 | Tel. +41 (0)79 669 31 14

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    Tomorrow partly cloudy, sleet -2/5°
    Wednesday partly cloudy -3/6°
    Thursday partly cloudy -3/7°
    Wiriehorn Bergbahnen
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