Hiking & nature

Theme trails in the Diemigtal Nature Park

The Diemigtal theme trails are perfect for actively exploring the unique characteristics of this valley.

As well as enjoying a walk through the picturesque natural setting, on the theme walks you’ll also learn fascinating facts about the culture, flora and fauna, and landscape. Do you know what the Alpine Longhorn Beetle is? Have you ever stood next to an original prize cow from a traditional wrestling competition? How can what was once an ocean become a heritage landscape grazed by cows?

Theme trails

Bird trail from red kites to white-throated dippers

Starting at the market square in Oey, the Bird Trail shows you the typical habitats of the Diemtigtal’s native birds and highlights their unique characteristics and specialities. A good 6 km long, the circular trail can also be shortened to a walk of half this length.

Distance: 6.2 km
Elevation difference: 220 m
Start and end point: Market square in Oey

Albert Schweitzer Circular Trail

The virtual theme trail on the Grimmialp is dedicated to what is probably the Diemigtal’s most famous guest. Schweitzer’s visits to the valley, made between 1901 and 1909, had a significant influence on one of his most famous philosophical works, “Reverence for Life”. With the new app, virtual and augmented reality allow you to learn about Schweitzer’s ideas and reflect on what they mean in the current era.

Distance: 5 km
Elevation difference: 120 m
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Starting point: Hotel Kurhaus Grimmialp, Schwenden

Wrestling Trail Springenboden

Do you know the names of the five associations that make up the Swiss wrestling federation? On the Wrestling Trail at the home of the champion wrestler Kilian Wenger you’ll learn more about the country’s popular national sport, which has stayed true to its traditional roots.

Distance: 2.5 km
Elevation difference: 120 m
Starting point: Haseloch, Springenboden
Notes: The trail is not pushchair-friendly.

From Horboden, there is an on-demand transport service available to take you to Springenboden. Horboden–Springenboden on-demand transport service available for a max. 4 people on request. Please reserve this in good time by calling the number below.

Walk from Horboden to Springenboden: 1 hour 20 mins

Kraftort Grimmiwasser Alpine meadow

On the panoramic mountain walk, we reach the Kraftort Grimmiwasser Alpine meadow with its wild High Alpine character. There the little mountain lakes, rare Alpine flowers and the red iron-rich springs act as natural sources of energy.

Distance: 11.5 km
Elevation difference: 670 m
Start and end point: “Grimmialp, Hotel Spillgerten” Postbus stop

Alpine Longhorn Beetle Trail

The Alpine Longhorn is one of the most impressive beetles in Europe. On the Alpine Longhorn Beetle Trail, you will learn about this rare and unique creature in its native habitat.

Distance: 8.15 km
Elevation difference: 90 m
Start and finish point: Oey-Diemtigen Railway Station

Wiriehorn Geology Trail

The Geology Trail winds around the Wiriehorn mountain and explains how this landscape came into existence. On the trail, walkers can learn fascinating facts about mountain and valley, glacier and water, rock and stone – from ancient eras, 240 million years ago, to the present day.

Distance: 9.2 km without summit ascent (11.5 km with summit ascent)
Elevation difference: 622 m without summit ascent (1,010 m with summit ascent)
Walking time: 3.5 hours without summit ascent (additional 1.5 hours with summit ascent)
Starting and finishing point: Berghotel Wiriehorn, Nüegg

Availability Today (Monday) open

The hiking trails can be followed every day from spring to autumn.

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