BLS fulfils its social responsibility as a mobility service provider

It is continuously expanding the accessibility of its infrastructure to enable individual travel chains and to continue to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction in the future.



Accessibility at train stations is an ongoing concern of BLS in order to fulfil the legal requirements. Despite the conversion work that has already been carried out, some train stations are only partially accessible due to their location on a curve. BLS is therefore planning further modifications and offering alternative solutions such as staff assistance and shuttle services.

Customer guides

To ensure that transport runs smoothly and passengers reach their destinations on time, BLS can call on a large number of customer guides – known as the KULE (short for “Kundenlenker:innen”) pool – if necessary. This is a community of BLS employees who work from time to time providing guidance to support customers. BLS relies on its KULE pool to ensure smooth transport and good customer service during construction periods, events or high traffic volumes. This pool enables employees to gain experience in contact with customers outside of their usual work environment and to deepen their understanding of passengers' needs.

Noise reduction

BLS is also actively committed to noise reduction in railway and shunting activities and during construction periods. Noise reduction measures for the fleet have already been completed and the construction of noise barriers along the railway lines has been completed to a large extent. By carrying out maintenance work at night, BLS minimises the impact of construction noise. Residents are informed in advance about upcoming work.

MIKA auf dem Lorraineviadukt in Bern

Climate and environment

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Mobility and infrastructure

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Sustainable procurement

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Profitability and ethics

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