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It’s invaluable to get information about the training, job and employment conditions. What’s even more exciting is going to our colleagues in the driver’s cab and asking them directly. What is it like to work for BLS? Find out and contact a BLS train driver.

I need a change of scene. As a trained painter, I know what I am talking about. I enjoy working in the driver’s cab because I am doing something meaningful for society and I get to experience the different seasons and weather up close – without getting wet or breaking out in a sweat. I’m due to complete my training in the spring of 2021. And by then, I will hopefully have got used to the many regulations. It’s really tough learning so many terms off by heart. The social interaction in the class is really relaxed and easy-going, which makes learning much easier.
In 2018, I fulfilled my childhood dream and started training to become a train driver. I love driving on different routes and operating different types of vehicles. I really appreciate the tranquillity and independence. I prefer that to my previous job as a multi-skilled mechanic and workshop supervisor. Although the distance of certain services and the transitions between services are sometimes rather tricky. It wasn’t difficult for me to choose BLS: as a commuter, I already knew BLS really well. And here, you can be who you want to be. So, my tattoos are not an issue.
I have always been fascinated by vehicles, so an apprenticeship as a car mechanic was the natural choice. My father was a train driver and so I had come into contact with the driver’s cab. My vehicle got even bigger when I completed my train driver training in 1998. I feel at home at BLS because it has more of a family feel to it than other companies. If they manage to increase the variety of the lines, then I’ll happily keep working for BLS for many years to come. Also because I really enjoy my extra job as chairman of the duty roster committee, where I have direct influence over the rostering arrangements.
Having a career as a train driver was something that I had been mulling over for some time. But for a long time I didn’t think much about it. Instead, I served guests as a catering expert – in a four-star hotel, then on a camp site. In 2019, I broke out of my everyday routine and started training to become a train driver at BLS. The connection to the region and the canton of Bern is important to me. I’ve been out on my own in the driver’s cab since March 2020: I am the boss in my office and on my train. I like the responsibility. However, it is sometimes hard to maintain contact with colleagues due to the different services and routes. Having said that, contact is easy, we’re all on first-name terms. Even with our bosses.
When I applied in 2004, I didn’t think I had much of a chance as I was a gardener with no technical training. But I passed the entrance exam with distinction and since then have enjoyed life as a train driver: I drive through wonderful countryside without my boss constantly on my back – sometimes with a sunrise, sometimes with a sunset. That also compensates for the working hours, which are not always family friendly. Because we drive at weekends and on public holidays too. Passing on my knowledge to aspiring train drivers is an exciting change. I value BLS for its focus on solutions as an employer and the easy-going relationship among its employees.

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