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Employee safety at BLS

You make travelling in our trains and stopping at the stations safe for our passengers, while maintaining order and calm. At events, you direct travellers safely from A to B.

Anyone travelling with BLS can be sure of getting to their destination safely. Whether on a week day or at the weekend, whatever the time of day. In the trains, at the stations and behind the scenes, people like you ensure that at almost any time of the day or night, safety at BLS is also a priority in the future too.

An important job

On the frontline of safety in operation

The well-being and safety of other people is an issue close to your heart. We cannot give you the title of Superman or Wonder Woman. As a member of the security staff, your role is key, acting as a calming influence when in contact with our passengers and arbitrating in difficult situations as a mediator. You are a tower of strength, as it were. Your presence gives our customers a good feeling and turns their journeys with the BLS into a positive experience.  

A varied service

You make travelling in our trains and stopping at the stations safe for our passengers, while maintaining order and calm. At events, you direct travellers safely from A to B. You also keep an eye on parked cars. And it’s not just safety that’s high up on your agenda, information for our customers is too: you provide our passengers with information about timetables and connections, check tickets and provide assistance with boarding and alighting. You pitch in where you are needed. Exciting days are guaranteed.

Team work

You are always travelling in a team. Not just because working with colleagues is more fun; it’s also safer.

What you bring to the job

You can assess situations quickly and accurately, you radiate calm and safety and:

  • have completed a minimum of three years’ vocational training
  • have situational decision-making and strong customer focus
  • are competent with a calm manner
  • are willing to work irregular hours
  • are in good health
  • have good knowledge of German and French and/or knowledge of English (two foreign languages tested to level A2)

Training on full pay

The modular training takes 8 months. This will also include the use of e-learning modules. You will soon be applying the knowledge learnt in theory out in practice. The practical instructors provide help and support day-by-day. During training, you’ll receive a training salary. This gross salary is between CHF 4,100 and 5,600 per month (depending on age and experience). BLS also assumes all the additional training costs amounting to CHF 80,000. The rules stipulate that, in return, you commit yourself to working as a member of the security staff at BLS for three years. In return, we guarantee you employment in our security service.

First-class employment package

After successfully completing your training, you’ll benefit from attractive and progressive employment conditions. Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • The target annual working hours are 2,050 hours; on average, which makes 41 hours per week (for a full-time position).
  • It is always possible to work part-time once you have completed your training (you are entitled to a reduction in the level of employment by a maximum of 20 per cent).
  • Holiday entitlement per calendar year: 5 weeks for employees from 21 to 49 years of age, 6 weeks from 50 years, 7 weeks from 60 years of age
  • Right to purchase 5 or 10 extra days holiday per year
  • Maternity leave: 18 weeks on full pay with an entitlement to extend by a maximum of 6 months as unpaid holiday; or paternity leave: 10 days on full pay.
  • Annual salary, following successful training, between CHF 57,300 and CHF 87,100 (for full-time work), including the 13th salary. You receive the maximum salary of CHF 87,100 at a minimum age of 40 and two certified foreign languages.
  • Attractive care allowances (minimum: CHF 373 per month for the first child entitled to an allowance and CHF 241 per month for each additional child).
  • Allowances on top of wages: Flat-rate expenses for meals away from home of CHF 17 per day, night shift bonus of CHF 6.40 per hour, public holiday/Sunday bonus of CHF 14 per hour
  • Continued payment of 100 per cent of your salary in the event of illness (SWICA) and an accident (SUVA) in the first year, 80 per cent of the insured salary in the second year (100 per cent for two years in the event of an accident at work or a work-related illness)
  • Free 2nd class GA travelcard and generous discounts for the whole family; from the second year of employment, international travel discounts and free tickets for travel connections abroad
  • Discounted tickets for events thanks to BLS partnerships in tourism and culture

Your prospects

After a few years, would you like to take on more responsibility? Yes, please. As a member of the security staff with special responsibility, you plan and coordinate the deployment of your team. This is where your experience in large events, your foresight and your talent for organisation really comes into its own.

Your next steps

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