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Working at BLS makes sense: we connect regions and people, transport many thousands of tonnes of freight over the Alps in an ecological way, load cars though the Lötschberg and the Simplon, and show tourists the beauty of our lakes. Together with over 3,500 colleagues, you can help our customers enjoy a superb experience. What you champion every day is what travels right past your front door. To help you do this, you can rely on a strong team and benefit from flexible working models. We have a lot to offer you. Discover the many attractive benefits.

Your advantages at a glance

Free GA travelcard

When you work at least 50 per cent of full-time hours, we give you an employee GA travelcard, or else the half-fare travelcard. Your family members also benefit from generous travel discounts.

Flexible working

We do everything we can so that you can harmonise your work with your personal needs. For us, flexible working means a variety of working models. For example, you can work 90 per cent of full-time hours over four days or work from home. Part-time positions in which you will work 80 per cent of full-time hours are also available. In shift work, we try our utmost to accommodate individual requests with flexible planning.

Good provision

Together with you, we are already thinking of tomorrow today. Our pension fund is healthy and offers you good benefits in old age. As senior management, you’ll benefit from additional pension provision.


We help you stay healthy; whether its providing exciting courses to aid your mental health or various different seasonal events to support your physical health. We rely on high safety standards and modern protective equipment. Should you be absent from work for an extended period on health grounds, we will continue to pay your salary for two years, initially 100 per cent, then 80 per cent.

Leisure activities

BLS supports organisers of major events with smart mobility solutions. As a result of this collaboration, we are able to offer you discounted tickets for sports events, concerts and cultural events.

Fantastic holidays

Depending on your age, we offer 5, 6 or 7 weeks of holiday. This includes 2-4 paid bridging days each year. And as if that wasn’t enough, you can also buy two additional weeks of holiday. The best way to book your holidays is through us at the BLS Travel Centre. The booking fees are on us.


The long-awaited round-the-world trip, a social project, family time or further education? In many professional fields, you can save up time for a sabbatical. Every seven years, senior management and specialists take a two-month paid sabbatical.


Fathers get 18 days paternity leave on full pay. We give mothers another month in addition to their statutory holiday and, upon request, grant an extra six months of unpaid maternity leave. We also support you with generous child benefits and flexible working time models and help in the search for childcare options.

Loyalty bonus

We reward anyone who stays with BLS for many years: after 10 years, you get a bonus worth 1/50 of your annual salary. After 15 years, you get 2/50, after 20 years 3/50 and from 25 years 4/50. Instead of these cash payments, senior management and specialists benefit from a two-month paid sabbatical every seven years.

Shift work is worth it

Working when others aren’t is never pleasant. Irregular working hours are part and parcel of mobility. We compensate for that with additional leisure time that goes beyond legal requirements. For a night shift you receive bonus pay of CHF 6.40 per hour and on Sundays and public holidays, you receive bonus pay of CHF 14.00 per hour.

Personal development

Your further development is important to us: We support external training, offer internal leadership courses and provide a learning platform with a range of different courses. (New forms of collaboration, language courses and much more)

At home in my region

Your dedication to BLS also demonstrates your commitment to making the region a place worth living in and keeping your family and your friends mobile. Since BLS is the beating heart of the region, almost all work locations are central and easy to reach. Where shift work is required, parking spaces are provided.

A strong team

We like things to be straightforward and simple, and everyone is on first-name terms. The perhaps almost perfect size of the company means our lines of communication are short. You feel our regional identity day in, day out. “Down to earth,” some say. Others call our spirit “edgy”. Either way, we like helping each other out. We foster your professional advancement in a mutually cooperative environment – you won't have to elbow others out the way to get ahead here.

We have a future

We are not waiting around to see what the future brings – rather, we prefer to shape the mobility of tomorrow ourselves and are always testing out new ideas. Our modern fleet with the silver-grey «MIKA» is just one example of this. Our successful freight train is another.
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