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Burgdorf: where tradition meets modernity

Experience the fascinating flair of Burgdorf

The charming town of Burgdorf in the heart of Switzerland invites you to enjoy an eventful visit that will delight you with its unique blend of tradition and modernity. Immerse yourself in a world full of history, experience picturesque landscapes and discover the distinctive character of this enchanting city.

Travel comfortably by train to Burgdorf. The old town is about a 10-minute walk from the station.

Popular sights

A variety of discoveries await you in Burgdorf. How about a relaxed shopping trip through the picturesque upper town followed by lunch high up in Burgdorf Castle? Art and culture lovers will also find what they are looking for here, with the Museum im Schloss Burgdorf, the Franz Gertsch Museum and Bernhard Luginbühl's impressive Old Slaughterhouse - true treasures for anyone interested in art and culture.

Burgdorf Old Town

Burgdorf's old town is characterised by narrow streets, medieval buildings and cobbled streets, which convey a sense of tradition and history. The well-preserved half-timbered houses and historic buildings lend the old town an unmistakable charm and invite you to take a stroll through the centuries. Here you will also find numerous cosy cafés, restaurants, boutiques and arts and craft shops that invite you to linger and discover. Next to Burgdorf Castle, the late Gothic town church is definitely worth a visit.

Guided tours through Burgdorf

Experience the beautiful Zähringerstadt in various interesting ways: culinary, spooky and frightening, classic or criminal. Discover the town of Burgdorf anew and learn exciting and curious facts about life yesterday and today. During the tour, help the investigating detective solve a murder mystery, or follow the traces of Burgdorf's traditional shops and learn what shopping was like 100 years ago whilst enjoying local specialities.

Further information on the Burgdorf city tours

Burgdorf Castle

Burgdorf Castle is not only an historical jewel, but also a popular destination for those who want to discover the history and culture of the region. The architecture of Burgdorf Castle is well preserved and represents a typical medieval castle complex. It consists of various buildings, including the imposing keep, which once served as a watchtower, as well as the palace and the outer castle. Visitors have an impressive view of the town of Burgdorf and the picturesque surroundings from the castle's viewing terraces. The location on a hill above the old town of Burgdorf gives the castle a special atmosphere.

The castle is also used for various cultural events, including concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions and historical festivals. The events make the castle a lively meeting place for locals and visitors alike.

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Museum Franz Gertsch

The museum is dedicated to the Swiss artist Franz Gertsch, known for his impressive hyper-realistic paintings and woodcuts. His works are characterised by an incredible attention to detail and remarkable technical skill. Gertsch primarily uses the woodcut technique to create portraits, landscapes and everyday scenes that have an almost photographic quality. In addition to the permanent exhibition of works by Franz Gertsch, the museum also regularly presents temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists from various fields of the visual arts. As a result, the museum's range is constantly being expanded, offering visitors ever new and exciting insights into the world of art. In addition, the museum has a café where visitors can take a break and enjoy refreshments, and a shop where art books, prints and souvenirs are available.


The infirmary in Burgdorf was built in the late Middle Ages as a leprosarium and served to isolate and care for people suffering from leprosy. The facility was part of the efforts to contain the spread of the disease and support those affected. It is an impressive example of historical architecture and shows the construction and design of past centuries. It was designed to isolate sick people from the population to prevent possible infection. Over time, the infirmary lost its original function, and today it houses the Burgdorf municipal archives. The building is also used for cultural events, exhibitions and artistic projects.

Reformed Church Burgdorf

The Reformed Church in Burgdorf is an historic and architecturally impressive building. Its history dates back to the late 15th century and it is an example of late Gothic architecture. The church tower is particularly striking and shapes the silhouette of the town. The church is famous for its carillon, which can be heard regularly and adds a special charm to the atmosphere of the town. Inside, the church houses impressive stained-glass windows depicting biblical stories and religious motifs. In addition to church services, the Reformed Church is also used for cultural events such as concerts and exhibitions. It is normally open to the public, and visitors can admire its impressive architecture and religious artworks.

Bernhard Luginbühl Old Slaughterhouse

The "Old Slaughterhouse" is a striking building in Burgdorf that once served as a slaughterhouse. Bernhard Luginbühl recognised the artistic potential of the abandoned building and transformed it into a unique art installation. The building itself became part of his art, and he created impressive installations that dealt with the themes of life, death and transience. The works are known for their monumental and expressive presence. His sculptures are often made of heavy materials such as iron and steel and their powerful charisma is impressive.

Bernhard Luginbühl Old Slaughterhouse

BLS suggestion

Would you like to discover the city of Burgdorf in a fun way with your friends or family? Then the "Ludotrail: play your way through Burgdorf" is a great option for you.


Experience tradition and community at the Solätte in Burgdorf, step into past eras at the Medieval market, and explore the diversity of markets as well as the dark literary depths at the Burgdorf Crime Days.


Tradition and community

The Solätte in Burgdorf is one of the most attended annual events in the city, celebrated traditionally on the last Monday of June. Originally designed as a school and children's festival, the Solätte has evolved into a widespread public celebration over time. The event uniquely blends historical traditions with contemporary flair, offering visitors a diverse mix of local customs, entertainment, and community spirit. The Solätte is inseparably linked to flowers, and there is an opportunity to participate in a flower arranging course. Basic techniques are taught to create wreaths, bouquets, baskets, small hats, and flower arches easily.

Further Information about the Solätte

Medieval market

Journey back to the Middle Ages

The Medieval market transports you to a bygone era filled with fascinating craftsmanship, traditional music, and an authentic atmosphere. This annual event showcases a diverse range of medieval goods, artisan crafts, and culinary delights. With jugglers, knight tournaments, and merchants dressed in historical attire, the market provides an immersive spectacle for the whole family. Special activities for the youngest visitors often include face painting, knight or princess workshops.

Further information about the Medieval market


Weekly, nightly, festive

Burgdorf entices with a variety of markets showcasing different facets of local life and culture. The weekly market offers fresh products directly from producers, while the night market bathes the city in a special light, providing unique nighttime shopping experiences. During the Advent season, Burgdorf transforms into a festive wonderland with a charming Christmas market enchanting visitors with craftsmanship, culinary delights, and a Christmas atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the diversity of markets in Burgdorf and experience the city in all its rich nuances.

Further information about the markets in Burgdorf

Burgdorf Crime Days

Experience crime novels up close

During the Burgdorf Crime Days, you can immerse yourself in a wide range of crime literary events. This includes readings by renowned crime authors presenting their works and providing insights into the backgrounds of their gripping stories. Interactive crime walks through the picturesque streets of the city offer a unique opportunity to delve into the plot and become part of the story yourself. Let yourself be transported into the dark depths of literature by the Burgdorf Crime Days and enjoy a captivating program for all fans of the crime genre.

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Emmental Cheese Route

From milk production to cheese export - the Emmental cheese bike route offers visitors a comprehensive exploration of cheese production. This unique route leads, on app-supported paths (available for iPhone and Android), to 21 interesting stops on the topic of the world-famous Emmental cheese. The Emmental cheese route begins and ends in Burgdorf. With the e-bike, you can effortlessly cover the approximately 35 kilometres of the small loop (1-day tour) or the 78 kilometres of the large loop (2-day tour).


Experience an entertaining E-Trottiplausch (e-scooter tour) in Burgdorf! Enjoy a relaxed tour on electric scooters and explore the picturesque surroundings of Burgdorf in a whole new way. Let yourself be inspired by the lightness and fun of the e-scooters as you discover the sights and charming atmosphere of the city. Whether alone, with friends or family - the E-Trottiplausch promises an unforgettable experience for everyone who appreciates adventure and fun.

Urban Golf

Urban Golf is a variation of the game of golf that uses improvised golf courses in urban environments. These places can consist of streets, pavements, parks and other urban elements. Up to 50 people can play golf with the soft golf ball. The 9-hole course of the Urban Golf Course is designed to offer an interesting city tour from the station district to the Schützenmatte and the old town of Burgdorf. Enjoy the beautiful ambience of Burgdorf while you play from one golf hole to the next.

How to get there

Travel comfortably by train to Burgdorf.

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