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Emmental beer trail

An enjoyable beer hike through the hilly landscape of the Emmental valley

Experience a culinary beer hike through the idyllic Emmental valley with BLS! Discover the marvellous landscape, taste regional beers and enjoy matching Emmental delicacies in the establishments along the way. Look forward to an enjoyable journey of discovery through the Emmental valley.

This excursion is the perfect way to get to know the Emmental from its most enjoyable side with friends, the club or the team and to have a good time.

You can easily reach the starting point of the beer trail in Sumiswald by public transport. The journey home is from Burgdorf.

Emmental beer trail

On the beer hike, which is divided into two stages (8.5 km, 2 hours 20 minutes of pure hiking time) and starts in Sumiswald, you will discover the panoramic hills of the Emmental valley, Trachselwald Castle and, after a short train journey, the old town of Burgdorf with a detour to Burgdorf Castle. Finally, the trail leads along the Emme down to the Schützenhaus, where Burgdorf beer is brewed.

We recommend allowing around six hours for the entire beer hike from Sumiswald to Burgdorf.

Stage 1: Sumiswald–Grünenmatt

Key data

Walking route Sumiswald–Grünenmatt  
Distance 6.36 km
Hiking time 1 hour 47 minutes
Elevation difference Ascent: 192 m / Descent: 270 m
Level of difficulty easy

Hiking map


1st station: Starting point in Sumiswald

The beer hike starts at Marktgasse 18 in Sumiswald. There you can fortify yourself with your first beer and a beer-flavoured "Hopfenmutschli". The route continues towards Trachselwald Castle, past typical hilly Emmental landscapes and farmhouses. On the way you can enjoy a breathtaking Alpine panorama on a clear day.

Beer: Hügu beer Sumiswald from the Hügu brewery


2nd station: Trachselwald Castle

Once there, you can admire the striking Trachselwald Castle from the 13th century. It is one of the best-preserved medieval castles in Switzerland and is well worth seeing. Climb up to the castle tower and enjoy the marvellous view of the Emmental valley before heading to the next beer tasting in the castle garden: the next cold beer will already be waiting for you there! The hike then continues to the Löwen inn.

Beer: Mein Emmental craft beer from the "Brauschüür" brewery in Zollbrück


3rd station: Gasthof zum Löwen Grünenmatt

Make yourself comfortable at Gasthof Löwen and look forward to the next local beer, served with fresh garlic bread. After this short break, the route continues to Grünenmatt train station. Here you board the train and travel to "Burgdorf Steinhof". Trains depart at xx.23 (direct) and at xx.46 (change at Ramsei).

Beer: beer from the Gasthofbrauerei zum Löwen Grünenmatt


Stage 2: Burgdorf

Key data

Walking route Burgdorf Steinhof–Schützenhaus Burgdorf
Distance 2.61 km
Hiking time 42 minutes
Elevation difference Ascent: 54 m / Descent: 61 m
Level of difficulty  easy

Hiking map


4th station: Burgdorf Castle

Once you arrive in Burgdorf Steinhof, a short walk will take you to the old town of Burgdorf, where a grazing board and another fine Emmental beer await you at Burgdorf Castle. From the castle you can enjoy a marvellous view of the town of Burgdorf and the hilly Emmental landscape.

Beer: Burgdorf "Aemme" beer


5th station: Schützenhaus Burgdorf

The route to the last station leads through the beautiful old town of Burgdorf and along the Emme. The crowning finale awaits you in the Schützenhaus: a smaller version of the legendary Braumeisterschnitzel. And of course, a delicious local beer to go with it. Cheers!

Beer: Burgdorf beer from the Burgdorfer Schützenhaus brewery 


Availability Today (Thursday) open

The Emmental beer trail is open from 1 April to 31 October and can be booked at the following times:

Wed–Sat:    Start time from 10.45 to 13.45 hours (suitable for arrival by public transport in “Sumiswald, Post”)

One team can start every 30 minutes. The start time must be booked online in advance. You will receive your starting documents (in German only) at the first station, Marktgasse 18 in Sumiswald.


Emmental beer trail

  • CHF 89.00 Adults aged 16 and over

Included in the price

  • 5 x 33cl chilled Emmental beers
  • 5 matching delicacies from the Emmental valley, which together make for a hearty menu
  • Route plan with detailed description
  • Train transfer during the beer trail from Grünenmatt to Burgdorf Steinhof

Specify on request when booking

  • Vegetarian snacks possible
  • The beer trail can also be booked without beer. Another drink in the same price segment can be ordered (any additional costs must be paid on site). Non-alcoholic drinks are available as an alternative at Trachselwald Castle.

Reservation obligatory

The start time must be booked online in advance and paid for by credit card or Twint for all participants.

How to get there

Travel in comfort by train to Sumiswald-Grünen and continue by bus to "Sumiswald, Post". The beer trail starts at Marktgasse 18 in Sumiswald and can be reached on foot in about 5 minutes.

The return journey is from Burgdorf. From the last stop, Schützenhaus Burgdorf, it is about a 10-minute walk to Burgdorf train station.

The journey to "Sumiswald, Post" is made individually and is not included in the price. You do not need an additional ticket for the train transfer during the beer trail from Grünenmatt to Burgdorf Steinhof – this is included in the price.

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