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Discover Spiez

Discover Spiez

The winegrowing town nestles gently between Lake Thun, vineyards and Spiez Castle, surrounded by the impressive panorama of the Bernese Alps. Numerous activities and attractions tempt visitors to this idyllic spot all year round: fine Spiez wine, historic Spiez castle, exciting water sports and much more.

Spiez, at the foot of the Niesen mountain known as the “Swiss Pyramid”, is easy to reach by train and boat.


Wine has been cultivated in Spiez for over 1,000 years. These days, it even wins awards. And the imposing Spiez Castle has towered over the bay for just as long. At the Museum of Local History and Viticulture, you’ll learn interesting facts about life in Spiez in the 18th century.

Spiez Castle

Spiez Castle – 1,300 years of history

Here, you’ll find out about the lives of the medieval lords of the castle and their families. Particularly impressive features are the well-equipped castle kitchen and the early Baroque banqueting hall. And in contrast to other museums, touching is allowed: Ancient robes and knights’ shirts are available to try on, while anyone wanting to rest a bit can try out the antique bed.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, Spiez Castle offers an annually changing art exhibition.

Combine the castle tour with a walk through the well-tended castle garden and enjoy the dreamlike location with a glass of wine from the Spiez vineyards in the castle café.

Spiez Castle

Museum of Local History and Viticulture

Spiez local history and traditions

The museum is located not far from the castle and vineyard and consists of three buildings from the early 18th century, including an ornate Simmental farmhouse with its “Spycher” storehouse and baroque farm garden, the “Trottenscheune” barn with its remarkable grape press, the original wine cellar and a workshop used by Spiez’s last cooper.

Museum of Local History and Viticulture

Spiez wine

Spiez alpine wine culture

Vine growing in Spiez has been documented since the 13th century and has had an eventful history. These days, the Spiez vineyards cover an area of around 13 hectares, making this the second-largest winegrowing area in the canton of Bern. A team of eleven full- and part-time staff take care of the vines. Year after year, the entire wine harvest from Faulensee, Spiez and Spiezwiler is processed in the cellar of the castle and pressed into excellent wine.

Spiezer Alpine viticulture

Wine tasting

The Spiezer Rebbau-Genossenschaft, the town’s viticulture collective, organises a wine tasting every Wednesday evening between 5 and 7 p.m. Following a short theoretical introduction to the basics of tasting, you’ll learn lots of interesting facts about the history and production of Spiez wine.

Wine tasting

Where to buy Spiez wine

Would you like to enjoy the local wine at home or buy a nice bottle as a gift? This fine tipple is available in various sales outlets in Spiez.

Selling points

Activities on the water

Spiez also has a lot to offer in, on and by the water. The turquoise-blue Lake Thun is enchanting, and the municipality of Spiez boasts 13 kilometres of lakefront. A dozen types of watersports equipment are available for rent, while scheduled boats dock at four landing stages in the municipality: Gwatt, Einigen, Spiez and Faulensee.

Boat rides and boat rental

Canoe, stand-up paddleboard, sailboat or pedalo

What’s your preferred way to discover Lake Thun and its shores? Various providers can supply you with the practical rental equipment so that you can explore Lake Thun on your own. On the canoeing trail, which leads from Gwatt to Leissigen, you can experience nature at its very best. Canoes and stand-up paddleboards are available to rent at the info point by Spiez Bay, while sailing, pedal and motor boats can be rented at the sailing school near the Schlosspintli restaurant.

Suggested canoeing trail routes

Scheduled boats

On a boat trip on Lake Thun, Bern Canton’s largest lake, you can enjoy the wonderful alpine panorama comfortably from the water. From Spiez, you have ideal connections to Thun and Interlaken.

BLS boat trip

Sealander – the floating caravan

How about a fun afternoon swimming, an evening outing with an aperitif, a cosy fondue cruise in winter, or even a romantic overnight stay in a floating hotel room on Lake Thun? If you’re after something special, the Sealander is the perfect choice for you.

Sealander fondue fun

Activities on land

Between the bay and the train station, the nostalgic Spiezer Zügli train links up this holiday destination. A ride on this mobile landmark is the perfect way to discover Spiez. Alternatively, e-bikes are available to rent at several locations. Meanwhile, a whole host of activities await you around the bay. In addition to a new skate facility and an innovative playground, the popular minigolf course provides for happy family moments. An extensive network of hiking trails also invites you to discover Spiez on foot. The 14 km circular hiking trail takes you to the most beautiful corners of Spiez. There is also the themed “Vineyard discovery trail” to enjoy among the vines.

Circular hiking trail and discovery trail

Discover the very best of Spiez on a circular hiking trail. The 14 km hiking trail is divided into four varied stages and passes a number of bus stops. This means you can tailor your route to start or finish wherever is convenient for you. White signposts with green pictograms ensure that everyone can easily find their way.

Beach trail (2.5 km)

The idyllic lakeside path between Spiez and Faulensee starts at the open-air swimming pool and leads through impressive tunnels of trees, past art sculptures and natural wonders. Along the way there are secluded bathing spots, a playground and a fire pit.

High-altitude trail (5.5 km)

The high-altitude trail takes you from Faulensee up into the Seeholzwald forest, and on to the mountain village of Hondrich with its many traditional Bernese farmhouses. From there, the trail descends again to Spiezwiler.

Spiezwiler trail (4.5 km)

You can enjoy a stunning landscape and numerous impressive views of the lake and the mountains as you hike between Spiezwiler and Spiezmoos. It’s particularly recommended in spring and autumn on a clear day for the view of the Niesen.

Vineyard trail (1.5 km)

Sun-worshippers and those with a thirst for knowledge will enjoy a hike over the Spiezberg to the vineyard. The information boards along the way present facts about Spiez viticulture as well as flora and fauna. The highlight is the fantastic view from the Katzenstein over Lake Thun. This erratic granite block is considered a place of power and, from certain angles, resembles a reclining cat.


Play your way around Spiez

Discover Spiez in a playful way from post to post. The total of 30 game stations are individually designed with themes oriented towards the relevant site of the game.

Ludotrail Spiez

Open Standard Minigolf

Play a round of minigolf in Spiez Bay

Experience the unique mix between golf and minigolf on a visit to the one-of-a-kind minigolf course at Spiez Bay. The course is the “Open Standard” type, meaning you use a real golf club to play on putting green lanes up to 21 metres long.

Minigolf in Spiez


Fancy relaxing with a massage, enjoying a cosy sauna or swimming a few energetic laps in the pool?

Four first-rate spa facilities invite you to relax and enjoy yourself in Spiez:


Spiez has made a name for itself in recent years as a lively event location. Throughout the year, cultural, sporting and traditional events offer a variety of experiences.

Seaside Festival

Musical fun at the Seaside Festival

Every year as summer draws to a close, live music fills the air in Spiez. The Seaside Festival brings Swiss “Mundart” rock and international greats to the town, along with contemporary sounds and classic rock. Enjoy quality time with friends and family at Spiez Bay: a dip in the cool waters of Lake Thun, fine food, local wine and, not least, rocking out to the excellent programme.

Seaside Festival


The only wine festival in the Bernese Oberland

Läset-Sunntig is one of the high points of Spiez’s event programme. A large, colourful procession forms the centrepiece of the traditional event, which has attracted both locals and guests to Spiez for over 50 years. In addition to the procession, food tents with folk entertainment and concerts add to the festive mood.

Läset Sunntig

How to get there

Travel in comfort by train to Spiez, or by boat from Thun to Spiez.

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