Betelberg Lenk Detective Trail

Solve the puzzle, find the treasure and secure your prize!

On this hour-long circular route, a range of puzzles can be solved with the help of a “treasure map”. At the end of the trail, the detectives encounter a treasure chest, at which point they have to enter the solution code and are rewarded with a gift. Puzzle-solving fun for the whole family and puzzle aficionados.

Aufgrund der Schneeverhältnisse wird der Detektiv-Trail frühestens am Samstag, 26. Juni geöffnet.

Route description

The Detective Trail starts at the Leiterli mountain station and takes you on the Leiterli Alpine circular trail.
This easy circular walk, which takes around an hour to complete, leads you from Leiterli via Steinstoss and Agematte and back to the Leiterli mountain station. The spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding landscape are also well worth seeing. There are numerous places to sit and relax along the way.

Food & drink

Refreshments along the way


Operating times, Betelberg gondola lift

Daily from 12 June to 24 October 2021
08.30–17.00 hours


Subject to change without prior notice


The treasure map can be purchased for CHF 7.00 at the till of the Betelberg gondola lift. Alternatively, the map is also available via app (download the MyCityHighlight Detektiv-Trails app and pay the fee by credit card).

We also recommend buying Lenk–Leiterli return tickets.

Betelberg gondola lift

  • CHF 34.00 Adults, return
  • CHF 28.00 Adults, return (Half-Fare travelcard, GA travelcard)
  • CHF 31.00 Adults families*, return
  • CHF 12.00 Children (aged 6 to 15.99), return
    * Family discount:
    With families, adults receive a discount when purchasing two tickets at the same time (at least one child aged 6 to 15.99).


    Prices in CHF incl. VAT / Prices and products subject to Alteration.

How to get there

From the ‘Lenk, Talstation Betelberg’ bus stop, you can ride in comfort on the Betelberg gondola lift up to the Leiterli mountain station. This is where the circular trail starts and ends.

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