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Diemtigtal House Trails

The three Diemtigtal House Trails are thematic paths focusing on traditional architecture.

Over 30 years ago, the municipality of Diemtigen was awarded the Louis Wakker Prize for its approach, in terms of planning and culture, to its traditional buildings. The three House Trails take visitors past scattered settlements and impressive houses.

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Can be followed every day from spring to autumn.


In view of the length of the Diemigtal Valley, the entire route is divided into three separate trails. The “Vorderes Tal”, “Mittleres Tal” and “Hinteres Tal” circular trails take 3 to 3.5 hours each.

Route 1: “Vorderes Tal” (anterior valley)

Oey–Feld–Hasli–Sälbeze–Bächlen–Grund–Diemtigen Dorf–Bergli–Diemtigen Dorf–Oey
Walking time: 3 hours
Distance: 6.3 km

Route 2: “Mittleres Tal” (central valley)

Walking time: 4 hours
Distance: 9 km

Route 3: “Hinteres Tal” (posterior valley)

Walking time: 4 hour 20 minutes
Distance: 10.1 km

  • For the majority of the way, the trails follow existing footpaths and are marked with brown signs. In each case, the starting and ending point is a postbus stop.
  • The individual houses are labelled with brown signs. These show the same numbers as described in the “Diemigtaler-Hausweg” (Diemigtal House Trail) flyer and in the "Diemtigtal Nature Park" app.
  • In 1986, the Swiss Heritage Society (SHS) awarded the municipality of Diemtigen the Wakker Prize for its architecture and scattered settlements.

How to get there

“Vorderes Tal” (anterior valley)

From Bern you can reach Oey-Diemtigen station with the regional express train "Lötschberger". You have a direct connection every hour without changing in Spiez.


“Mittleres Tal” (central valley)

From the train station Oey-Diemtigen take the bus to the stop "Horboden, Wirtschaft".


“Hinteres Tal” (posterior valley)

From the train station Oey-Diemtigen take the bus to the stop "Riedli, Talstation Wiriehorn".

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