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Loading instructions

General instructions during the journey

General instructions during the journey

Passengers must remain seated in their car during the journey. Please follow all instructions of railway staff.

  • Make sure any luggage on the roof rack is well secured or place it inside the vehicle.
  • Please keep all four wheels on the same car transport carriage. It is not permitted to leave you vehicle when the Train is in motion.
  • Put your car into 1st gear or "Park".
  • Turn the engine off.
  • Apply the handbrake firmly. 
  • Tune your radio to DAB+ for traffic and rail news from SRG/SSR.
  • Do not throw cigarette ends or other objects out of the window.
  • For customs reasons, the transportation of merchandise of any kind in the car transport trains to and from Iselle is prohibited.
  • The transportation of hazardous goods is forbidden.

Loading convertibles

  • Please close your convertible top before driving onto the car train.
  • Do you have a soft-top convertible? Then please always park your vehicle in a covered car transport carriage. Many thanks.

Loading vehicles with bicycles

  • Before you drive onto the car train, please ensure your load is safely secured.
  • Does your vehicle have bicycles on the roof? Then please always park your vehicle in a covered car transport carriage. Many thanks.

Safety instructions public liatility insurance

The liability of BLS Ltd for damage to motor vehicles to be transported is limited, as detailed in Art. 27 of the Passenger Transport Act and Art. 76 of the Ordinance on Passenger Transport.

In an emergency

  • Keep calm.
  • Railway personnel will also be travelling on the train. Follow their instructions without fail.
  • Never leave the train without being instructed to do so by the railway personnel.
  • In an emergency dial 112. 
  • Tune your radio to 89.4 MHz (Simplon). 
  • The tunnel is equipped with emergency lighting. 
  • In an emergency make your escape along the path at the edge of the tunnel in the direction indicated. There is a handrail to assist you.
  • Never touch any hanging cables.


  • All instances of damage must be reported immediately at the unloading station.
  • Keep your ticket throughout your journey – it is proof of authorisation to travel.

Profiles of car transport carriages Dimensions

The maximum height of 3.1 m (safety distance to the overhead line) applies to all vehicles.

Car transport carriage – small profile


  • Coaches and trucks are not allowed to be transported.
  • It is not possible to transport 2.5-metre wide, 2-axle caravans.
  • It is not permissible to exceed the profile specifications.

Motorcycles & bicycles What is the loading procedure?

  • Motorcycles and bicycles must be ready for loading 30 minutes before departure.
  • Bicycles must be pushed over the car train.
  • Riders are personally responsible for securing their motorcycle or bicycle.
  • Vehicles in the driving trailer must be properly parked and secured.
  • Only remove fixings once the train has come to a halt
  • Riders are personally responsible for unloading their vehicle.
  • Brig car transport station: open the driving trailer door and ride off the car train.
  • BLS Ltd cannot accept any liability in the event that the loading instructions are not followed correctly.
  • Mobile phone and car radio reception in the tunnel DAB+: SRG/SSR 
  • Please follow all instructions of railway staff.
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