Lötschberg & Simplon car transport service

What to note with respect to loading

Transport information for the smooth loading of your car

Never taken your car on a train before? Or haven’t used the car transport service for a long time? Our explanatory video shows how easy loading and transport are.

Permitted vehicles

The following limits cannot be exceeded:

  • 2.50m width
  • 3.10m height
  • Higher than 3.10m  ► more (Car transport service Lötschberg)
  • 3.5t total weight (motorhomes up to 5t)

+41 58 327 31 32 (07.00–19.00)

Autoverlad Lötschberg & Simplon - Verladewagen Kleines Profil

Small transport carrier

Size profile


Check-in & prepare vehicle


  • The transportation of dangerous goods is not permitted.
  • On the transport carriers from/to Iselle it is not possible to load 2.5-metre-wide, twin-axle caravans.
  • No ticket sales in Iselle. If you don’t have an online ticket, you can pay for your trip upon check-out in Brig.
  • Vehicles up to 3.5 t can be loaded until shortly before departure.
  • Three lanes lead to the loading station. If you don’t have a ticket yet, take the “Kasse” (payment desk) lane to the payment booth and buy a ticket there.
  • Are you travelling with a car up to 3.5 t without a trailer and do you already have an online ticket or do you own a points card or an online subscription? In this case, take the “Self-service” lane to the machine in front of the barrier.

Self-service lane (Lötschberg only)

  • With an online ticket:
    Hold your printed online ticket or your mobile device with the QR code to the scanner.
    Automatic screen rotation, NFC and bluetooth functions should be deactivated on your phone.
  • With a points card and annual subscription:
    Hold the points card or annual subscription to the marked place for around 3 seconds. A receipt will be issued. Please take the receipt. 
  • The barrier will open automatically and you will have free access to the waiting area.

Prepare vehicle for loading

  • Secure your roof luggage incl. bicycles optimally against drafts or reload it inside the car.
  • Close the roof of your convertible.

Drive on & park

  • Stop with all 4 wheels on the same transport carrier. 
  • Do you have luggage (roof box, bicycle, etc.) bon your car roof or a convertible with a fabric roof? If so, always park your vehicle on a transport carrier with a protective roof.
  • Is your delivery vehicle taller than 2.5m or does it have an open loading area? Please park the delivery vehicle under a protective roof.
  • Get into first gear or “P”, switch off the engine, put the handbrake on securely and switch off your vehicle’s lights. 
  • Switch your radio to DAB+ for traffic and rail news from SRG/SSR.
  • During travel, passengers remain seated in the car. Leaving the vehicle during the trip is not allowed.
  • It is not permitted to update electric vehicles while travelling on the car train.
  • Please take note of all instructions from rail personnel.
  • Do not throw smoking-related items or other objects from the window.  

In an emergency public liatility insurance

  • Remain calm.
  • Make sure you follow instructions issued by staff.
  • Never leave the train unless asked to do so by rail personnel.
  • Dial the number 112 in an emergency.  
  • Switch your radio to DAB+ for traffic and rail news from SRG/SSR.
  • The tunnel is equipped with emergency lighting. Should you be forced to leave the train, activate the switch by the LEDs.  
  • In an emergency, flee in the specified direction on the path to the side of the track. A handrail offers support.
  • Fire extinguishers are available on every transport carrier.
  • Never touch any overhead traction system wires that are hanging down. 

In the event of damage

Autoverlad Lötschberg Lastwagen auf Autozug

Transport information for large-capacity vehicles

Autoverlad Motorrad

Transport information for motorbikes and bicycles

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