Tickets for travel within Switzerland

Individual tickets

There and back, around or within

Single, return and round-trip tickets

If you only travel occasionally, you can purchase a ticket for a single journey, return journey or round-trip on the route you wish to travel.
All such tickets are available for first and second-class travel at full fare or reduced fare 1/2.

Reduced fares:

  • For holders of a Half-Fare travelcard
  • Dogs
  • Children aged 6 to 16
  • Children under 6 travelling alone*

* Children under 6 accompanied by an older person travel free, provided the following conditions are met:
One accompanying person (at least 12 years old) can travel with a maximum of 4 children, and one accompanying person (at least 16 years old) can travel with a maximum of 8 children and must be able to take charge of them.

If the desired route to be travelled is within an integral fare network, fare network tickets will be issued, and in some cases these tickets will be subject to different terms of use.

Multi-trip tickets

Multi-trip tickets (six single journeys) are perfect for occasional journeys on the same route. Multi-trip tickets are transferable, which means they can also be used by several travellers together. Multi-trip tickets can also be used in combination with the Junior travelcard. Holders of a Half-Fare travelcard, or children who have yet to reach the age of 16, can purchase multi-trip tickets for half price.

City Ticket

In addition to the journey between the selected place of departure and the destination, the City Ticket includes a 1-day travelpass for local transport at the place of departure or the destination.

The following ticket categories are available:

  • First and second class
  • Single or return journeys
  • Full fare (100%) or reduced fare 1/2* (50%).

* Holders of Half-Fare travelcards and children (aged 6-15)

The City Ticket is now available for approximately 80 cities.

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