Tickets for international travel

Enjoy the easy and pleasant experience of travelling with public transport. Your BLS Travel Centre has organised your journey and you have all the information you need, which means you can relax and enjoy the countryside as it passes by outside your window. If you're looking to travel to Germany, France, Italy, Austria and many other European countries, we will find the best and least expensive solution for you.

Tickets and reservations for day trains

  • e.g. market prices
    Market prices in various categories apply for several top-class trains, such as the TGV.
  • e.g. TEE offers for normal prices and Plan+Save deals
    Your Half-Fare travelcard or GA travelcard allows you to save 15% when you travel from Switzerland to Germany or Austria.
    An additional 15% discount is available for Plan+Save tickets for rail travel to Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Conditions: travel on weekends only; reservations required; ticket purchase 3 days in advance.
  • e.g. Europe supersaver tickets
    Favourably priced Europe supersaver tickets are available for travel to Germany and on certain routes to Italy . These tickets are limited, subject to special advance purchase, exchange and refund conditions, and are valid only on the trains for which they have been booked.

Tickets and reservations for the ÖBB Nightjet 

The ÖBB Nightjet is the night train operated by Österreichische Bundesbahnen (Austrian Federal Railways) for comfortable overnight travel to many destinations in Europe. Sweet dreams are guaranteed in sleeping cars, couchettes or seating carriages. You'll then feel completely relaxed and refreshed when you arrive at your destination the next morning – right in the city centre.

Tickets are now available for purchase.

ÖBB Nightjet daily connections:

  • Zurich–Basel–Berlin
  • Zurich–Basel–Hamburg
  • Zurich–Feldkirch–Linz–Vienna
  • Zurich–Feldkirch–Graz

Other overnight connections with Nightjet partners:

  • Zurich–Prague/Budapest
  • Zurich–Villach/Zagreb

You can also take your car or motorbike with you on certain routes. Our friendly train staff are always available to assist you, make sure you have a safe and quiet night, and provide you with the best service to ensure your journey is as pleasant as possible.


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