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In the coming years, BLS Immobilien AG will plan the further development of various railway sites, implement the new construction work and subsequently manage the sites. Here, the company is focusing on close cooperation with the communities and other interest groups and stakeholders in the various locations where such development activities will take place. BLS Immobilien AG will make optimal use of scarce space in the centres of towns and cities and link mobility with state-of-the-art service and shopping centres and community meeting places.

As a railway operator, BLS owns centrally located plots and buildings which, due to the automation and remote control of points and signals, are no longer required for operating the railway. Such plots are to be developed with greater focus. This serves to vitalise and enhance railway sites.

BLS will make optimal use of the limited space in town centres and create new residential and work spaces with good connections to local public transport. Enhancing these sites benefits not only BLS, but also the local communities and residents, as well as public-transport users.

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As a mobility provider, BLS champions soundly planned urban development. It works with municipalities and other landowners to develop residential and commercial spaces with good transport infrastructure.

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