Re465 – locomotive

These locomotives from the 1990s are used for both passenger and freight transport. In future, they will also be used for car transport and in the Bernese Oberland, no longer in the original dark blue, but in bright BLS green.

Following the first order placed by BLS for eight units (001–008), a further ten locomotives (009–018) were ordered for the “piggyback corridor”. The locomotives are serviced at the Spiez workshop. The Re 465 is used for freight transport as well as passenger transport (GoldenPass Express between Interlaken Ost and Zweisimmen) and car loading.

  • 18 Quantity
  • 001–018 Numbers
  • 1994–1997 Put into service

Major servicing for the entire fleet (2019-2022)

Between 2019 and 2022, all 18 Re465 locomotives underwent a modernisation programme (refit).  This refit extends the service life of the 25-year-old locomotives by a further 15 years. They can now be used until 2040. The modernised locomotives are easily recognisable: they are now painted green, thus making them an eye-catching and clearly visible BLS brand ambassador. The modernisation programme cost a total of about CHF 20 million. All of the locomotives were modernised in the BLS workshop in Bönigen.

In passenger transport, the Re465  pulls or pushes the GoldenPass Express trains between Interlaken Ost and Zweisimmen respectively; in freight transport, it is used for multiple-unit train control together with other locomotives (TRAXX and Vectron). From the end of 2023, the locomotives will be used for the Car Transport service and therefore replace the brown Re 425 locomotives. This means that BLS can avoid having to buy new ones.

Rail vehicle details technical data

  • 18.5 m Length
  • 84 t Weight
  • 6,400 kW Power output
  • 160 km/h Maximum speed

Given names

  • Wrap advertising locomotive No. 016 – “Stockhorn”

Current use daily on the following lines

  • Kambly train BLS car transport service Lötschberg and Simplon
  • GoldenPass Express Interlaken Ost–Spiez–Zweisimmen
  • BLS Cargo

Wrap advertising train

  • 50 years Stockhornbahn No. 016 50 Jahre Stockhornbahn
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