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Train driver at BLS

As a train driver you are always right in the thick of it.

You take the people in your region safely to their destination. You accompany commuters to work and back, connect families, drive children to school. You ensure that senior citizens remain mobile into old age and show tourists the beauty of our country. In as environmentally friendly a way as possible, 365 days a year. Irregular working hours are okay for you. In return, in winter, for example, you get to enjoy the empty ski slopes when others are at work.

Train driver at BLS

An exciting job

You take over your train and make it ready for use. Depending on the service, you’ll be out and about on the Bern suburban railway network, the Lucerne suburban railway network, on different regional train lines, on our regional express trains or on one of our long-distance lines (to the network). In the modern driver’s cab, you’ll monitor all the instruments and displays, whilst also focusing on the track, the timetable and the weather-dependent conditions. And when things don’t go quite as they should, you let your passengers know. That’s quite a lot to deal with all at once – but you don’t get flustered that quickly.

An independent team player

You are our figurehead and represent BLS to our passengers. For you, it’s not an obligation, but something that fills you with pride and joy. In the driver’s cab, you travel on your own, without a boss. Despite this, you are not a lone wolf; you remain in constant contact with the train personnel and your work colleagues at the stations and control centre. And in the breaks you chat with your career colleagues.

What you bring to the job

You are an independent person with a sense of responsibility, ideally between 20 and 45 years of age and: 

  • have completed a minimum of three years of vocational training or attained a school leaving certificate (or relevant equivalent level of recognition)
  • are interested in (railway) technology
  • enjoy customer contact
  • are willing to work irregular hours
  • are in good health and good eyesight and hearing
  • have knowledge of French (A1 DELF or TELC)
  • own a category B driver’s licence for road vehicles

And if you already feel at home in the driver’s cab, then your B100 train driver’s licence or higher (narrow gauge or normal gauge with valid supplementary sheet) is your entrance ticket for the interview. In one-to-one discussion with you, help us understand your motivation and we’ll help you find the right training for you.

Training on full pay

The modular training lasts for 12 months. An intensive time in which you learn the theory and practice of this responsible job. In the process, you’ll also use e-learning modules, be prepared for real-life situations by professionals and will soon be involved in the day-to-day operations on the railway. Your practical trainer will support you along the way. During full-time training, you receive a training salary of CHF 3,500 per month. BLS also bears all of the training costs amounting to CHF 120,000. The rules stipulate that, in return, you commit yourself to working as a train driver for BLS for four years. We guarantee you a safe workplace in the BLS driver’s cab.

First-class employment package

After successfully completing your training, you’ll benefit from attractive and progressive employment conditions. Here are just a few of the plus points: 

  • The target annual working hours are 2,050 hours; on average, which makes 41 hours per week (for a full-time position).
  • It is always possible to work part-time once you have completed your training (you are entitled to a reduction in the level of employment by a maximum of 20 per cent).
  • Holiday entitlement per calendar year: 5 weeks for employees from 21 to 49 years of age, 6 weeks from 50 years, 7 weeks from 60 years of age
  • Right to purchase 5 or 10 additional days holiday per year
  • Maternity leave: 18 weeks on full pay with an entitlement to extend by a maximum of 6 months as unpaid holiday; or paternity leave: 10 days on full pay
  • Annual salary following successful training of at least CHF 65,000 (for full-time work), incl. 13th salary and planned salary development: You’ll reach the maximum salary of CHF 104,000 at the age of 40 and after six years of service as a train driver.
  • Attractive care allowances (minimum: CHF 373 per month for the first child entitled to an allowance and CHF 241 per month for each additional child).
  • Allowances on top of wages: Flat-rate expenses for meals away from home of CHF 17 per day, night shift bonus of CHF 6.40 per hour, public holiday/Sunday bonus of CHF 14 per hour
  • Continued payment of 100 per cent of your salary in the event of illness (SWICA) and an accident (SUVA) in the first year, 80 per cent of the insured salary in the second year (100 per cent for two years in the event of an accident at work or a work-related illness)
  • Free 2nd class GA travelcard and generous discounts for the whole family; from the second year of employment, international travel discounts and free tickets for travel connections abroad
  • Discounted tickets for events thanks to BLS partnerships in tourism and culture

Your perspectives

After training as a train driver on passenger trains, you can add more variety to your day-to-day life with the cargo module. The practical training takes around three months. In the process, you’ll be involved in safely driving freight trains, familiarising yourself with the vehicles and how they handle and learning the specifics of preparing a train.

Not keen on switching to freight transport? You can also develop and progress in passenger traffic. Do you enjoy passing on your knowledge? Great! We need motivated practical trainers. Are you known for your organisational skills? Then you’ll be welcomed with open arms in the scheduling team. Or would you like to manage staff? Then become one of our 15 team leaders for locomotive personnel. Here at BLS, it’s not just black and white. We offer a varied combination of roles, so it’s always a win-win situation with us.

Your application

Do you feel equipped to meet the challenges of a train driver? Find out in our job market which locations are recruiting. We look forward to your application.
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