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These five lovely colleagues work at BLS and know what makes us tick. If you are still unsure whether we are a good fit, then just ask.

Isabel Ferrise

Die IT der BLS und ich sind in Köniz zuhause. In unserem modernen Neubau fühle ich mich so wohl, dass ich die Möglichkeit Home Office zu machen nur selten nutze. Das hat mit der Nähe zu meinem Arbeitsplatz aber auch mit dem tollen Teamgeist und mit den spannenden IT Projekten zu tun, die mich täglich fordern. Ich erlebe die BLS als moderne, vielseitige und flexible Arbeitgeberin, bei der ich mich weiterentwickeln und mitgestalten kann.

Schicken Sie mir eine Nachricht und ich rufe zurück.

Philippe Adamus

Technology has always fascinated me. As an automotive mechatronics engineer, I made the move to work with really big machines in 2014. In the workshop at Oberburg, my team and I maintain the most modern traction units – alongside nearly 100-year-old locomotives. There’s always something going on. I’m generally a very active type of person. I like being outside, I swim and I sail. I like that BLS has plans for the future. It gives me security. I really value the good work-life balance and the support we are given for further training.

Send me a message and I’ll ring you back.

Jolanda Jordi

Travelling. Keeping moving. Out and about with other people. And still be with my family every day. As a ticket inspector, I have more or less found my dream job. I’ve worked in quite a few professions and industries before this. I’ve even worked abroad. As someone who changed profession to a position where I am working 90% of full-time hours, I was flabbergasted at how flexible BLS has been in responding to my needs, despite the shift work. I prefer the early shift to the late one; this doesn’t always work out as I’d like, but most of the time it does. I like using the free GA travelcard outside of work too because my passion for travel is not just confined to my profession.

Send me a message and I’ll ring you back.

Manuela Wälti

Since March 2014, I’ve been working as a project manager in IT. I find it amazing to assume so much responsibility and manage challenging IT projects in a part-time job (50% of full-time hours). We support the business units with automation and provide them with the right IT infrastructure to ensure that they can focus on their core business. I like varied, diverse teams because I am convinced that different views lead to better results. Hierarchy is not important to us: my boss is my sparring partner. Or my coach. I value my interaction with her. If I see potential for improvement, I can address it directly and use my input to really make a difference for BLS.

Send me a message and I’ll ring you back.

Martin Moser

I’ve been at the company over 20 years – so I’m almost a public transport institution. The fact that I can still say today that my job is varied speaks for the industry – and for BLS. I work meticulously with my team to put together the best possible timetable for our customers: from the construction timetable for the upcoming weeks to the rail timetable in 20 years. We have a fabulous atmosphere among the team, which is worth so much. I’m a passionate user of public transport outside of work too and really value my free employee GA travelcard. I can also set the pace in my choir. The flexible arrangement of working hours and workplace (e.g. home office) is another huge advantage at BLS. It means I can work a bit longer or finish work a little earlier sometimes so I can easily coordinate my hobbies and my job.

Send me a message and I’ll ring you back.

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