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Simply ask the staff why they have chosen BLS and how they experience collaboration. Find out what they would change if they were CEO for a day and their future wishes for BLS. These questions have brought up some charmingly honest answers. We would be happy to share them in compact form on this website with any interested parties. Have fun delving in.

Markus Adzic, Air-Conditioning Specialist, Bönigen

“There are a whole range of different types working at BLS. Some are loners, who prefer to do their own thing. I like team players mostly. Fortunately, there are quite a few of them and they are fun to work with. For the future, my hope is that the employees are given even more support and encouragement and that there continues to be enough work.”

Natascha Ochsenbein, Customer Service Team Leader

“I have already completed my apprenticeship at BLS, but it was clear to me that I wanted to carve out my professional future in this company. Over the ten years that I have been involved, the company has always cultivated an open and fair culture. Of course, various restructurings have also resulted in change. The BLS of today is dynamic, open, constructive and honest. Even though clear structures and requirements we have to meet are part and parcel of being a public transport company, it’s getting the balance that counts.”

Ronald Meier, Process and Audit Management Specialist, Bern

“For me, BLS is a friendly company with an important mission: mobility. The feeling that what I am working on benefits both society and myself is what motivates me. I also experience the interaction with fellow human beings as very courteous. When you are engaged in the railway, or with the world of public transport, doors open. I think it is now important that BLS are consistent in implementing their new strategy – for an inspiring future.”

Samuel Reinmann, Partner Manager Leisure & Tourism, Bern

“Over recent years, BLS has developed into a modern and forward-thinking employer. The family-friendly structures, among other things, are important to me. The central work location is another aspect, as is the option to work part-time. Ten years ago, we fathers had to fight for the option of an 80 per cent working model. Today this is a given. I hope that BLS remains on the ball with an eye on the future – in all areas.”

Martin Friedli, Customer Service Manager, Bern

“I would use the following words to describe BLS: varied, friendly, progressive, fair and innovative. The company is undergoing a positive change. In projects, we could stand to allow even more individuality and adopt measures for greater cross-divisional collaboration so that we can think in a more customer-centric way. We should also maintain awareness of the origins of BLS as a pioneer and drive that further forward. With strong customer service, we can make a decisive contribution to mobility and simplify it in a personable way, of that I am certain.”

Carmen Buol, Infrastructure Assistant, Bern

Carmen Buol, Infrastructure Assistant, Bern
“In my previous job, I had many touch points with BLS and always had a positive impression of the company. My then 5-year-old daughter said to me that I should contact BLS as she really liked their green and blue trains. I haven’t regretted it. The culture at BLS is a positive breeding ground for motivated staff. I like the mix of different personalities, which makes it possible to do good things both with each other and for each other. I hope that BLS will in future be confident to show its qualities: diverse, down-to-earth but still innovative, friendly and, above all, authentic."

Kaspar Stettler, Head of Shipping Sales, Thun

“I stand fully behind the BLS products. The culture at BLS is down-to-earth, unassuming and very conscientious. A lot of importance is attached to common values. From time to time, this may be a hindrance in day-to-day life, where things change so quickly, but on the whole it is a stable basis for mutual trust. In future, I wouldn’t call BLS a rail operator anymore. It is much more than that. It is a mobility provider.”

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