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Hiking in Val-de-Travers

Discover the cultural treasures of the Val-de-Travers on diverse hiking routes.

The well-maintained hiking trails in Val-de-Travers offer ideal hiking opportunities for all levels of ability. If you are looking to discover new gorges, you can choose the Poëta Raisse walk or you can hike along the Areuse gorge. People who wish to experience an extraordinary natural spectacle can walk on the Creux du Van. And if you are an absinthe lover, you can hike from Môtiers to Couvet with a stop in the Gaudentia Persoz absinthe distillery.

The start and finish points of the respective hiking routes can be easily reached by public transport.

Hiking routes

Hiking route 1: Môtiers - Cascade - Plat de Riau - Couvet

The route starts at the Môtiers NE train station, leads past the Absinth House and ends at the train station in Couvet. Along the way you will find the Poëta Raisse gorge entrance (covered picnic area and a climbing area), the Môtiers waterfall and the Plat de Riau pasture (also a covered picnic area and a fire pit). The route is generally marked in yellow for pedestrians, except for the return route from Plat de Riau to Couvet. In this case, follow the Ruisseau de Riau down the mountain and keep to the right (good mountain path). Before a short passage through a rock, head above the trail on a small, narrow path to the viewpoint (no signs). Then walk back a bit and cross the rock passage until you reach the edge of the forest. Then bend off to the right and follow a small asphalt road slightly uphill. After the Ferme de la Sagneule, carry on along the almost level white road with a splendid panoramic view of the centre of Val-de-Travers. After the first house, follow the asphalt road downhill to the village of Couvet. After five minutes of walking by the side of the road in the village, you will reach the railway line. To the right is the absinthe distillery Gaudentia Persoz, where you can stop for a tasting. Behind the distillery is the Couvet train station.

 Accessible May to October
 Hiking trail Môtiers–Entrée des Gorges-CascadePlat de RiauPrise Féquenet–Couvet
 Distance 5 km
 Hiking time 1 hour 30 minutes
 Elevation difference 180 m
 Degree of difficulty easy


Hiking route 2: Môtiers - Georges de la Poëta-Raisse - La Robella - Buttes

Accessible May to October
Hiking trail Môtiers–Gorges de la Poëta-Raisse–La Robella–Buttes
Distance 15 km
Hiking time 4 hours 30 minutes
Elevation difference 735 m
Degree of difficulty difficult


Hiking route 3: Noiraigue - Areuse gorge - Boudry

Accessible all year round
Hiking trail Noiraigue–Areuse gorge–Boudry
Distance 11 km
Hiking time 2 hours 45 minutes
Elevation difference 340 m
Degree of difficulty medium


Hiking route 4: Noiraigue - Creux du Van

    Accessible May to October
    Hiking trail Noiraigue–Creux du Van
    Distance 14 km
    Hiking time 4 hours 30 minutes
    Elevation difference 780 m
    Degree of difficulty difficult

    Food and drink

    There are various picnic sites situated throughout the valley. If you would like to eat in a restaurant, here are a few recommendations:

    BLS suggestion

    If you prefer travelling by bike or e-bike, various routes can also be completed by bicycle. An e-bike can be picked up at Noiraigue train station.

    E-bike tour to the Creux du Van 

    How to get there

    Travel to your starting point in comfort by train via Neuchâtel.

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