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A journey between myth and reality – nature, culture and absinthe

On a journey through Val-de-Travers, you will discover the diversity of this region. During a day-long excursion, you can immerse yourself in cultural treasures, wonder at the unspoilt nature or enjoy countless kilometres of cross-country skiing pistes. Anyone who enjoys hiking can explore Val-de-Travers in winter with snowshoes. Not least, there are a host of regional specialities that guarantee a culinary finale. Probably the most famous is absinthe, also known as the green fairy. BLS takes you to various excursion destinations.


Snowshoe tour

Val-de-Travers is a paradise for winter activities. The area also offers a unique all-round view of the Alps and the Jura mountains in winter. Typical villages await you in the valleys, while the forests convey an impression of the High North with their dense fir trees. 

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Cross-country skiing

Countless cross-country skiing routes offer skate skiers as well as traditional cross-country skiers a genuine paradise.

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Asphalt mines

Explore the underground tunnels. On this journey inside the mountain, you will discover how the miners extracted asphalt for about three centuries and in doing so created a tunnel labyrinth of 100 kilometres in total. First, you will enjoy the speciality of the house: ham cooked in asphalt. Guided tours of the asphalt mines are available in German, French, English and Italian.

Môtiers and Absinthe House

Discover the quaint village of Môtiers in the heart of Val-de-Travers. An interactive exhibition in the Absinthe House will familiarise you with the secrets of absinthe and with samples of the local absinthe. If you register in advance, you can book a culinary workshop.

Opening times Today (Saturday) open

The Absinthe House

Mon          Closed
Tue–Sat    10.00–18.00 hours
Sun           10.00–17.00 hours 
Company holidays: from 1 January to 28 February

Asphalt Mines – guided Tours

1 April to 1 November
daily         10.30 14.00 hours

Additional guided tours in July and August:
daily at 12.00 and 16.00 hours

2 November to 31 March 
daily         14.00 hours
Monday to Friday by reservation until 11.00 in the morning
Saturday and Sunday without reservation

Café des Mines

1 April to 1 November
Fri–Sun      09.30–17.00   Hours 

2 November to 31 March
Sat /Sun    11.00–16.30 hours


Subject to change without prior notice


Asphalt Mines

  • CHF 21.00 Adults
  • CHF 17.50 Students, trainees
  • CHF 15.00 Children (aged 6-15.99)
  • CHF 60.00 Students, trainees (2 adults + 2-3 children)

Asphalt Mines groups from 9 people

  • CHF 17.50 Adults
  • CHF 14.50 Students, trainees
  • CHF 11.00 Children (aged 6-15.99)
  • CHF 150.00 Mini-group max. 8 people

Absinthe House

Entry Exhibition

 + 1 tasting

+ 3 tastings

Adults CHF 12.00 CHF 17.00 CHF 19.00
Reduced (AHV, AI, apprentice, students) CHF 10.00 CHF 15.00 CHF 17.00
Children (6 - 18 years) CHF 5.00    
Family (2. child for free) CHF 25.00 CHF 35.00 CHF 39.00
Groups (from 10 persons)
Adults CHF 9.00 CHF 14.00 CHF 16.00
Children CHF 3.00    
Guided Torus CHF 100.00 flat rate + group rate    

Additional fares and personalised offers are available at

Combined offers (exhibition entry + 1 or 3 tastings) are also available.

Prices in CHF incl. VAT / Prices and products subject to alteration.


  • Interactive adventure trail in the asphalt mines and in Môtiers
  • Indoor swimming pool in Couvet
  • La Robella Ski Resort

Food and drink

As well as a variety of picnic areas around the Asphalt Mines, there are also plenty of places to get a bite to eat in Môtiers and the surrounding area.

How to get there


Asphalt Mines

Travel comfortably by train via Neuchâtel to La Presta Mines d'asphalte. From here, it is only 5 minutes on foot to the Asphalt Mines. 


The Absinthe House

Travel comfortably by train via Neuchâtel to Môtiers.

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