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Frutigen Tropical House

Experience the wonderful greenery

At the foot of the Bernese Alps, there’s a paradise waiting to be discovered – the Frutigen Tropical House. The Alpine water, the fish farm and the tropical gardens – a harmonious trio under one roof, as well as a triply innovative energy concept.

Thanks to the heat generated by the mountain run-off from the Lötschberg Base Tunnel, fish and plants that thrive in warmer climates have been successfully bred in hothouses in Frutigen since 2009. The hothouses in the tropical garden are freely accessible; however, you shouldn’t miss out on a visit to the exhibition, which is subject to an entry fee. Here you will learn in impressive fashion how this green oasis amidst the Alps was created and how the naturally warm water from the Lötschberg is used to grow tropical fruits and produce caviar. There is a special adventure tour for children. At the end, you have the option of purchasing tropical fruits in the shop or of tasting these in the restaurant.

The RegioExpress Lötschberger will bring you to Frutigen in less than 45 minutes, with no changes required. A short walk takes you directly to the Tropenhaus Frutigen.



Benefit from the following when you purchase travel to and from the event by public transport at the same time:

  • 10% discount on admission to the Tropical House Frutigen
  • 20% discount on the journey to Frutigen and back
You can as well buy the special offer in the BLS Travel Centers and at the ticket counters in every Swiss train station. 

Tropical House

Tropenhaus Frutigen has plenty for young and old alike to discover with an interactive exhibition, integrated fish farm and the tropical garden.

Exhibition «How the fish came to the mountain»

Experience how the naturally warm water from the Lötschberg is used to grow tropical fruits and to produce real sturgeon caviar. In five thematic worlds, visitors are invited to an interactive exhibition. The topics of water, sturgeon, caviar, pleasure and energy, always in close connection with the events within the tropical house, are animated and communicated in a playful manner, giving the opportunity to learn a lot of new things and to try them out. At the beginning, virtual figures – a groundhog from the region, a sturgeon, a scientist, and a cook – welcome you and guide you through the exhibition.

Tropical garden

A tour of the greenhouses enthuses and surprises with the multitude of exotic fruits, spices and plants. Bananas, papayas, mangoes, carambolas, dwarf bananas, guaves, mangosteens, grapefruits, pomegranate apples, avocados, pineapples or kumquats are all over 170 varieties that can be discovered. Different thematic trails lead visitors through greenhouses and allow them to discover a wealth of information on coffee, bananas or spices. Access to the greenhouses is free.

Escape Game

Two exciting missions with over 30 tricky puzzles and a gripping story. As the Expeditions Team, you will discover the secrets of a forgotten Inca civilisation and their mysterious artefacts: the “Tears of God” – the source of the old Inca gods’ power. Of course, things don’t exactly go to plan, and you will have to find your way out of some precarious situations. An hour packed full of exploration, puzzles and teamwork, for families, friends and colleagues.

This activity is now offered by Tropenhaus Frutigen in cooperation with Live Escape Game Switzerland, the pioneer of the escape game scene in Switzerland with 8 years of market experience and over 50,000 happy visitors.

Restaurant Tropengarten

Why travel to distant lands? At the Tropengarten Restaurant, the holiday atmosphere is guaranteed. A unique culinary experience awaits you amidst verdant greenery and the fragrance of exotic flowers. This is due not only to the tropical ambience, but also the Tropical Garden’s kitchen team: here the chefs are inspired afresh each day by the high-quality ingredients from the fish and caviar farm and the bounty of fruits and spices from the tropical garden. Tasty menus await you each day, and how about a romantic tête-à-tête for two people? Restaurant guests are also welcome without a visit to the exhibition.

Guided tours

The Tropic House Frutigen offers various guided tours. The public tours every Sunday at 2.00 pm offer an insight into the different areas of the tropical house. On adventure or special tours, listening is supplemented with activities such as workshops or treasure hunts.


In addition, numerous events take place around the tropical forest and fish farming.

Opening times Tomorrow Wednesday open

Exhibition, Shop and Tropical Garden

We–Sun 10.00–17.30 hours 

Restaurant Tropical Garden

We–Sat 10.00–23.00 hours
Sun       10.00–18.00 hours

Table reservation by phone +41 33 672 11 43 or at tischreservation@tropenhaus-frutigen.ch

Please note the special opening hours due to exclusive occasions or closed events.


Company vacations 2022

From 10 to 23 January 2022
From 4th to 17 July 2022


Subject to change without prior notice

How to get there

Travel comfortably by train to Frutigen. Approximate 7 minute walk from the station, using the exit for the industrial zone and following the railway line and the river towards Spiez.

Weather & webcam Today: overcast 10/11°

Today overcast 10/11°
Tomorrow 8/11°
Thursday 7/11°
Friday 7/12°


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