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Hooded beach chairs by the sea of mist in Menzberg

A trail leading to seven beautiful locations

The idyllic village of Menzberg in the Lucerne backcountry is the highest village by Mount Napf at 1,016 metres above sea level, and will take your breath away with its unique 360° panoramic views. During the autumn and winter months, it often sits regally above the sea of mist. At particularly beautiful viewpoints, stories await you in beach chairs for both "young and old". There are stories and music from Menzberg associations and musicians for adults, and stories from Dwarf Mänzli and his house bird friend Spärbli for children.

Travel comfortably by train to "Menznau". Continue with bus 261 to the final stop "Menzberg, Dorfplatz". All trails start directly at the bus stop.

Route description

The “Sternwanderung” (star walk) with the 7 hooded beach chairs starts in the village of Menzberg and ends at the Buchensäge post bus stop. The walk takes 3 hours (without a break) and is 10 km long. The stories in the beach chairs take about 7 minutes. The walk is easy, but is not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs.

The walk can be individually shortened to 3 or 6 beach chairs starting and ending in the village of Menzberg (refreshment options):
Tour 1 for 1-3 beach chairs:      1 hour without break, 3.5 km
Tour 2 with 1-6 beach chairs:    2 hours 30 min without break, 8.5 km
Tour 3 with 7 beach chairs:       3 hours without break, 10 km, starting point in the village of Menzberg, end point at the “Menzberg, Buchsäge” bus stop

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This walk is also guided and food is provided (for groups). Local families provide homemade products in two self-service shops (open 24 hours).

The Landgasthof Hotel Menzberg and the Sperber Restaurant are inviting places to stay for a while and enjoy yourself.

Availability Today (Wednesday) open

21 October 2023 to 9 March 2024

The hooded beach chairs are an experience in any weather, and accessible at all times of day.

Subject to change without prior notice


The circular trail is accessible free of charge.

How to get there

Travel comfortably by train to "Menznau". Continue with bus 261 to the final stop "Menzberg, Dorfplatz".

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