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Aare Valley Tour

A classic in the Veloland Switzerland series is the cycle ride along the River Aare from Thun to Bern

After picking up your bikes at the start of the route in Thun Railway Station, it’s worth making the short detour to Schadau Castle. On the route itself, you’ll sometimes be riding along the River Aare and at other times through fertile fields that have been reclaimed from the flood plain. After crossing the Aare near Münsingen, you reach the Bern–Belp airfield near the village of Belp. There, you can watch the aircraft and enjoy a drink in the Towerbar at the airfield. However, if you’re more interested in animals than aeroplanes, then ride a few kilometres further to the Dählhölzli Animal Park, located right on the cycle route. From there the cycle track recrosses the Aare to pass directly in front of the Federal Palace on your way up to the train station.

Tour description

Thun–Bern route

Distance: 30 km, of which 6 km are unsurfaced
Around 3 hours travelling time.
Signposting: Veloland No. 8

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  • CHF 30.00 GA / Half-fare / STS
  • CHF 30.00 Children up to 15.99 years

Return to a different station

Bikes and E-bikes can be returned to a different station. In this case a repatriation fee of CHF 10.00 per bike will be charged.

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