Special offers

The Papiliorama in Kerzers

The all-weather paradise

Strolling among hundreds of butterflies twirling, watching animals only coming out at night or trekking through a rainforest in Belize, all this is possible at Papiliorama. Change of scenery guarantees. In addition, a special offer is available with a 20% discount on entry and a 20% discount on public transport.


Buy a return journey by public transport and take advantage of the special offer with a reduction of  20% discount on admission to the Papiliorama and on the journey to Kerzers and back

The advantages for you:

  • 20% discount on admission to the Papiliorama
  • 20% discount on the journey to Kerzers, Papiliorama and back



The Papiliorama is first of all a set of large glass domes placed in the middle of Seeland, in Chiètres. In the first dome is the Papilorama proper, a tropical garden in which hundreds of species of butterflies live freely. Humidity close to 80%. Temperature 25°. Dense vegetation. And butterflies twirling around us. Beautiful colors wherever our eyes are. It feels like landing in the middle of a dream.


The second dome houses the Nocturama.You can discover nocturnal animals from the tropical forests.It takes a little time for our vision to adapt to these conditions, but after a few minutes we can distinguish lazy women hanging from a rope above our head, or a tattooed ballad.The spaces are closed, and the animals cannot be approached.Except of course the bats that turn around us and never stop brushing our hair.

Jungle Trek

The third dome houses the reconstruction of a rainforest in Belize. A Jungle Trek allows you to walk among toucans and iguanas and discover a host of animals and plants with exotic names. A panoramic bridge located 7 meters high allows you to discover life in the treetops.

Zoë Zoo and nature playground

In addition to the three domes, the gardens around the Papiliorama allow you to discover the fauna and flora of Seeland. There is even a pet park, the Zoe Zoo, where it is not only allowed, but even advisable to pet goats, donkeys, hens and Rabbit!

Opening hours Today (Monday) open

Summer opening times (until 30 October 2022)

Daily 09.00–18.00 hours

Winter opening times (31October 2022 to 25 March 2023)

Daily 10.00–17.00 hours

Closed on 25 December and 1 January

Subject to change without prior notice

How to get there

Take the train to «Kerzers Papiliorama». The entrance to Papiliorama is located 80m from the train station.

Weather & webcam Today: sunny 16/29°

Today sunny 16/29°
Tomorrow sunny 14/29°
Wednesday sunny 15/29°
Thursday sunny 15/28°


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