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Musée d’ethnographie Neuchâtel

An offbeat look at our world

The sometimes curious exhibitions of the Ethnographic Museum Neuchâtel take you on a journey between the "Here" and the "Elsewhere". As a place of experience, seeing and experiencing, the museum enables its visitors to reflect on and reinterpret the familiar. This means seeing the world through different eyes.

After two years of renovation work, the Ethnographic Museum reinvents itself and presents its collection from a new perspective. The rooms show eight contrasting perspectives in relation to the collection, museum history and ethnology, and in doing so find their way back again and again to current issues. The makers remind us that the meaning of objects changes constantly over time and in the way they are viewed. 

A new temporary exhibition: Le mal du voyage (Travel Sickness), exposes the imaginations, practices and effects of tourism today.

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Temporary exhibitions

Le mal du voyage (Travel Sickness)


A tour in twelve rooms addresses so many practices and contrasting imaginations: projects of moralization, hidden meanings of idleness plagiste, mental and physical health quests, appetite of the world, indigenous reactions to the congestion of cities, images of nature, confessions of backpackers attracted by the forbidden, fascination for the confines, productions of new aesthetics and blues of the return, culminating in constantly formulating new projects of departure. Tourists offer an exciting reflection on the condition and human mobility in this first quarter of the 21st century.

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    How to get there

    Travel by train to Neuchâtel. At Neuchâtel station, take bus no. 107 to the "Place Pury" stop. There, change to bus no. 101, direction Corcelles-Cormondrèche, and get off at the "Saint-Nicolas/MEN" stop.

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