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Cow fights at Raron

The secret of the “Alpbestossung”.

The Eringer cow is actually the perfect example of a gentle-natured Swiss creature. Apart from the infamous purple procession, there are around 750,000 examples of the breed grazing on the meadows and pastures of Switzerland. The majority of them fulfil their hereditary duty and get on with producing milk. There are exceptions, however, such as the Eringer cows that live in the canton of Valais. Because these cows tend to attack one another by instinct, the farmers have attempted to channel their latent aggressive nature and make a feature of it: in the “Ringkuhkampf” – a “cow fight” festival.

After the Eringer cows have spent the winter in their stalls, they are driven in late spring onto the Alpine meadow, just like many other cattle. Even during the ascent to the Alpine pastures, they encounter animals from nearby stalls and embark upon a battle for supremacy in the herd. Once they reach the high pastures, the cows get involved in heated rounds of combat, at the end of which the “Queen of the Herds” emerges victorious. This process is known as the “Alpbestossung” among the farmers of Valais. Fortunately, it is not a fight to the death, as the weaker cows always give up in good time. And once the hierarchy has been established, all of the cattle seem to get on with each other peacefully enough.

Date Available on 22.09.2019

Sunday  7 April 2019
Sunday 21 April 2019
Sunday 22 September 2019

The cow fights start at approximately 09.30 hours at Goler near Raron. The final battles take place at around 15.00 hours.

Subject to change without prior notice


Cow fights

  • CHF 20.00 Entry ticket

Free admission from 15.30

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