Lötschberger country

The Upper Valais region

Güotun Tag (Good day)! It’s worth taking a look at this sunny region in southern Switzerland: Upper Valais stands out as both a starting point and place of retreat – at once dynamic and relaxing.

Just under half of all Swiss wine is produced in this sun-kissed canton, such as the fruity Valais “Fendant” white wine, or the elegant “pinot noir” red from the Swiss capital of red wine, Salgesch. With a wealth of traditional local specialities, the vintners of Valais manage to continually surprise the palates of even the most seasoned wine connoisseurs. And when there is great food to go with the wonderful wine, we know that we are at the heart of the culinary destination that is Upper Valais. A creamy, smooth raclette, spicy cured meat with savoury rye bread, regional snacks such as gommer cholera (a kind of vegetable pie) or velvety risotto made with saffron from Mund... countless products with a controlled designation of origin represent a part of the authentic Valais. The Regio Express Lötschberger rail service takes you here every hour.

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    Lötschberger country
    Railway adventure

    Your journey into the Lötschberger country

    Lötschberger country
    Schlitteln auf der Lauchernalp
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