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Market in Domodossola

The RegioExpress Lötschberger takes visitors directly from Bern to Domodossola every two hours.

A popular market, great excursion opportunities, delicious pasta, sweet desserts and exquisite wine – thanks to a new two-hourly service, the dolce vita is now within closer reach from German-speaking Switzerland than ever. Domodossola attracts crowds of travellers, especially on Saturdays, thanks to its famous and popular market.

Opening hours

The attraction is open all year round. The RegioExpress Lötschberger operates daily according to timetable.

Opening times for the market in Domodossola

Saturdays from 08.30 to 14.30 hours

Subject to change without prior notice


It is possible to reserve a seat in addition to your standard travel ticket:
Bern–Brig–Domodossola: CHF 5.00 reservation fee per seat, per journey.

Reservations are possible up until 15.00 hours on the eve of your journey:

Prices in CHF incl. VAT / Prices and products subject to alteration.


The fertile Piedmont region in north-west Italy produces world-famous wines, is home to one of Europe’s most important rice-growing areas in the Province of Vercelli and is known for its white truffles from Alba, hazelnuts from Cortemilia, gorgonzola cheese from Novara and mushrooms from the Susa Valley.

Anyone ambling through the narrow streets of the old town in the former provincial capital will soon discover that it has had an eventful history. In recent years, the region around Domodossola has developed into a popular holiday destination and makes the perfect starting point for a variety of excursions or simply for indulging in a bit of dolce far niente.

Culture in Domodossola

Tip: visit the famous market on Saturday between 08.30 and 14.30 hours, when more than 170 stalls fill the Piazza del Mercato and the surrounding streets. Here you will find exceptionally fresh, high-quality local specialities.

Sacro Monte Calvario, a UNESCO World Heritage site: a pilgrimage up the Mattarella Hill

Starting from Domodossola Station, this easy walk (40 minutes) takes you along a pilgrimage route through a special nature reserve and up the Mattarella Hill. The nature reserve offers unspoilt natural surroundings, unique flora and fauna and various ruins of castles and early Christian buildings. 15 chapels line the pilgrims’ path, which has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. Inside the chapels, you can admire the groups of life-size figures of Christ and paintings by numerous well-known artists. Or let your gaze wander right across the Alpine landscape that surrounds Domodossola from the viewpoint in the park on the sacred hill.

Importing goods to Switzerland

Please observe the customs regulations for rail transport and the information regarding duty-free quantities/allowances.

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