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Hiking trails in the Kiental Valley

The Kiental Valley is renowned as a starting point for many lovely walks.

Past tumbling waterfalls, you’ll hike along stunning panoramic paths past meadows of scented flowers as you discover the beauty and splendour of the Kiental.

Depending on your mood and the kind of walk you fancy, you can choose from a half or full day’s hike in the valley. Thanks to the Griesalp postbus – known to be Europe’s steepest scheduled bus service – it’s easy to reach the starting point for the walks.

Route description

Selected walking tips for the Kiental Valley

Day walk from Griesalp to Kiental village

From the postbus terminus at Griesalp, follow the brown signposts towards Golderli–Abendberg. From Kiental, the postbus will bring you back to Reichenbach.

Walking route Griesalp–Golderli–Hasenboden–Kanzel–Aabebärg–Mittelberg–Spiggengrund–Losplatte–Kiental
Distance 9,5 km
Walking times 4 hours 30 mins

Griesalp circular hiking trail

From the postbus terminus at Griesalp, follow the brown signposts towards Dündenalp. You return on the Griesalp postbus service to Reichenbach.

Walking route Griesalp–Dündenalp–Bundalp–Oberloch–Gamchi–Bürgli–Golderli–Griesalp
Distance 9,5 km
Walking times 4 hours 30 mins

“Bear Path” half-day walk

From the “Kiental, Restaurant Alpenruhe” postbus stop, follow the brown signposts towards Tschingelsee. From the Tschingel car park, the postbus will bring you back to Reichenbach.

Walking route Alpenruhe–Tschingelsee–Bärenpfad–Golderli–Pochtenalp–Wildwasserweg–Tschingel
Distance 2,8 km
Walking times 2 hours 30 mins

Kiental Wildwater Trail

The Kiental Wildwater Trail starts from the village of Tschingel in the Kiental Valley and passes deep gorges, tumbling waterfalls and steep rocky walls on its route up to Griesalp. One remarkable feature is the “Hexenkessel” (witch’s cauldron), a bubbling and foaming pot of water. The power of the natural forces is tangible. The natural spectacle, in fact, appeals to all of the senses. The Wildwater Trail is particularly impressive between the months of June and August, since at that time the quantity of water is swollen by the thawing snows. After heavy rainfall, too, the flow of water is stronger. The route is well graded and can also easily be followed in the reverse direction.

Walking times 

Tschingel–Griesalp 1 h
Griesalp–Tschingel 35 min

Griesalp PostBus adventure trail

With PostBus from Reichenbach to Griesalp. From there the trail leads in about 2 hours hiking time down to the Tschingelsee and into the Kiental. Simply follow the white signs with the PostBus symbol and stop at the 13 "stops" with the recognizable yellow PostBus signs along the trail.

Walk through the Hohtürli Pass

From Kiental to Lake Oeschinen. Following the adventurous postbus ride on Europe’s steepest route from Kandersteg to Griesalp, the mountain trail leads to the highest point of the pass and the Blüemlisalp Hut at 2,778 m above sea level. From there, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the glaciers on the northern flank of Blüemlisalp. On the other side of the Hohtürli Pass, the trail leads back down to the deep blue Lake Oeschinen.

Alpine farming and nature educational trail

On the Alpine farming and nature educational trail, you can learn about nature and about the lifestyle and work of the mountain farmers on the Griesalp. At the information points along the way, by using all your senses – reading, seeing, feeling and hearing – you’ll discover interesting facts about the flora and fauna, geology, mountain forests, mountain streams, Alpine farming and Alpine cheese production. Thanks to the book that accompanies the educational trail, you can read more about all of these things when you get back home. You can purchase the book for CHF 12.00 from the Kiental tourist office.

  • Walking time for the Alpine educational trail half-day walk: 1 hr. 30 min. (4 km, elevation difference 100 metres).
  • Walking time for the Alpine educational trail day walk: 4 hr. 30 min. (7.5 km, elevation difference 500 metres).

Availability Today (Saturday) open

The Kiental hiking trails can be followed from late May to mid-October every day.

Subject to change without prior notice


PostBus journey from Reichenbach i.K. to Griesalp Kurhaus

  • CHF 20.40 Adults
  • free of charge Adults with GA travelcard
  • CHF 10.20 Adults with Half-Fare travelcard
  • CHF 10.20 Children up to the age of 16
  • free of charge Children up to the age of 16 with Junior travelcard

Prices in CHF incl. VAT / Prices and products subject to alteration

Food & drinks

Catering and overnight accommodation

Several mountain guesthouses and hotels on Griesalp offer accommodation and rest stops.

BLS tips

Kien Zappel circular trail

The Kien Zappel circular trail is based on the story “Dr Zouberwicht Kien Zappu” (“The Magic Dwarf of Kien Zappu”) by fairytale writer Barbara Burren. The trail has been specifically designed for families with pre-school-age children. Both young and old visitors will discover the special nature of the landscape and gain ideas for simple, well-known and new games. The circular trail leads from the mountain station of the Ramslauenen chair lift across Alpine meadows and through a mystical forest to the Underbachli stream and then back to the mountain station.


Together with the cuckoo, discover the animals of the Kiental valley. On the “Guggerwäg”, gamekeeper Paul Schmid and the Hunting Inspectorate present individual animals from the Kiental valley in various display cases. The presentations are interesting for both children and adults and offer a wonderful experience of nature. The hike leads from the Ramslauenen mountain station via Lengschwendi to Alperue and takes around 1.5 hours

How to get there

From Reichenbach railway station the Postbus (line 220) takes you along the steepest PostBus route (28% gradient) to Griesalp in the Kiental.

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