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Gastlosen tour in Jaun

The Gastlosen circular trail to the south of Jaun offers a variety of geology and flora seldom found by walkers in the Alpine foothills.

The circular trail leads over lush Alpine meadows and sparsely wooded sections and past imposing and extremely craggy limestone mountains featuring rock walls that in places are more than 300 metres high. It then crosses the stony pass of Wolfsort between the northern and southern sides of the massif, before heading back to the start through the Mattenwald forest, which is home to a wide range of species. As a new option, you can also explore this impressive area on a number of different bike trails.

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The Gastlosen Tour can be followed from June to October subject to weather conditions.


Gastlosen Tour

The Gastlosen Tour can be followed free of charge.

Gastlosen Express fares

  • CHF 11.00 Adults, one-way
  • CHF 16.00 Adults, return
  • CHF 6.00 Children*, one-way
  • CHF 9.00 Children*, return
  • CHF 25.00 Families, one-way
  • CHF 40.00 Families, return

* Aged 6 to 15 

Prices in CHF incl. VAT / Prices and products subject to alteration


Bike trails

The impressive area around the Gastlosen mountain chain can now also be explored on a variety of bike trails – such as the Gastlosen Trail – suitable for both novices and more experienced riders. You can see an overview of all the trails on the bike map below.

Gastlosen Tour

The views over the Bernese Alps, with the 4,000 metre-high peaks of the canton of Valais as a backdrop, is truly breathtaking. The highlight of this mountain hike, which leads around the Gastlosen mountain chain at a height of between 1500 and 1,900 metres above sea level, is the contrast it offers in terms of vegetation, geology and other factors. The steep limestone walls are especially popular with climbers.
Wolfsort, at an altitude of 1921 metres, is the highest point of the walk.

Departure point

“Gastlosen Express” mountain station


12 km


Approx. 5 hours


Musersbergli, Soldatenhaus, Chalet Grat

How to get there

Travel with the BLS Lötschberger to "Boltigen" and continue with bus 260 to "Jaun, Kappelboden".

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