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Cardio route "King's Stage" Langnau-Thun

Brave 99 contour lines on an e-bike through the fairy-tale landscape and arrive above Lake Thun feeling like a butterfly.

The King's Stage leads from Langnau in the heart of Emmental past small villages, stately farms and lush pastures. The woods of Eriz invite you to indulge in the mossy scents of the forest. A little later, it will seem as if you have stepped into the middle of a postcard: enjoy a magnificent panorama high above Lake Thun opposite the Niesen. At the end of your e-bike tour, you reach the cosy old town of Thun.

Travel comfortably by train to Langnau i.E.; the rental station is located at the train station near the BLS Travel Centre.

Route description

A wealth of scenic delights opens up between Langnau and Thun, the sum of which is almost too much of a good thing. This stage may be considered the mightiest, longest and perhaps most spectacular. In the first section, you follow the lush Emmental valley, which can enthral you here with all its splendour. The further you advance towards the mountains, the more rustic it becomes, until in Eriz the mood finally turns completely pre-Alpine, where goats and cows graze at their leisure on the steep slopes below the rocky bands.

Through a long, barely populated forest passage, you break through to Lake Thun, which spreads out in breathtaking splendour far below you. Your gaze shifts to the Niesen on the opposite side, the Kilimanjaro of the Oberland with its pyramid-shaped, sphinx-like stature. You almost forget to steer, thanks to the spectacular views that have opened up here. Gradually, the tour descends to the lake 700 metres below and leads you into Thun, the city of the Alps, situated on the foaming mint-green Aare.

Key data

Route Langnau i.E.–Thun
Distance 72 km
Travel time approx. 5 to 6 hours
Elevation difference 1760 m
Degree of difficulty difficult (e-bike)

E-bike rental

Travel comfortably by train to your excursion destination, pick up your e-bike directly at the station and start your tour.

  • Reserve your e-bike online or by telephone at the appropriate rental station.
  • Payment is made directly at the rental station on the day of the rental.
  • E-bikes may be ridden from the age of 16 (or from the age of 14 with a moped permit).

E-bike rental 1 day

  • CHF 60.00 Adults
  • CHF 55.00 Half-fare / GA / STS
  • CHF 55.00 Children up to 15.99 years

Return fee

A return fee of CHF 10.00 will be charged for the collection and return of e-bikes at different rental stations.

Opening hours of rental stations

1 April to 31 October 

E-bike pickup in Langnau:

Mon–Fri   9.00–18.00 hours
Sat/Sun     9.00–12.00 hours, 13.00–18.00 hours

E-bike return in Thun:

Mon–Fri   9.00–18.00 hours
Sat/Sun     9.00–11.00 hours, 16.00–18.00 hours

or vice versa

Subject to changes


BLS suggestion

“Hügu Himu” – the Emmental e-bike paradise

Where else in the world are there such heavenly hills? Emmental will spoil you with its host of cycle routes, country inns, sights and secluded spots to linger in. The “Hügu Himu” is named for its heavenly hills and offers some of the most beautiful e-bike tours in Switzerland with over 600 kilometres of very well-signposted routes. An overview of bookable offers and multi-day tips presents particularly attractive combinations of landscape, e-bike experience and accommodation.

How to get there

Travel comfortably by train to Langnau i.E.; the rental station is located at the train station near the BLS Travel Centre.

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