Heimatland (BLS’s home region)

Discover the Heimatland

Heimat, or home, is where one feels at ease and the place one simply loves the most.

For us, this is the Heimatland, comprising the regions of Emmental, Entlebuch, Willisau and Oberaargau. And this is precisely where we take you to. This is home to specialities known and loved almost everywhere in the world, but without anyone knowing that they originated here with us. In the hilly landscape of Emmental, we can keep active at a nice, leisurely pace along the Heart Route. This leads all the way to the Willisau region, which offers great variety and tradition. The popular and modern e-bikes are also manufactured here in a range of different types. We also have a place here where all our regions come together and where one can link them together oneself. Our pristine landscapes in Entlebuch offer the perfect escape from everyday life. And anyone who truly wishes to experience our vibrant traditions must try them out for themselves, together with our regional specialities. Welcome to our home. Welcome to the Heimatland and its many different excursion destinations.

Your way to the Heimatland

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Das Heimatland ist mit verschiedensten wunderbaren Wanderungen durchzogen. Machen Sie sich auf den Weg und entdecken Sie das Heimatland zu Fuss.
Emmental, Entlebuch, Willisau and Oberaargau excursions