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Emmentaler Cheese Route

The app-based electric bike route devoted to Emmentaler cheese

Discover exciting stories about the centuries-old tradition of cheese production. Your virtual guide in the form of an app (for iPhone or Android) will show you the way and provide you with background information on every aspect of the famous cheese.


Offer valid from 1 April to 31 October 2019

Electric bike hire

Burgdorf cycle station or Emmentaler Show Dairy, Affoltern i. E.
Mon–Sun 09.00–18.00 hours (latest bike return time: 17.45 hours)

Subject to change without prior notice


Prices from Burgdorf 1/2 day

  • CHF 40.00 Electric bike hire
  • CHF 35.00 Electric bike hire reduced price*
From 13.30 hours, collection / return at the same station

Prices from Burgdorf 1 day

  • CHF 55.00 Electric bike hire
  • CHF 50.00 Electric bike hire reduced price*
Collection / return at the same station

* Half-Fare travelcard/GA travelcard/STS/children aged up to 15.99
People aged 16 and above are allowed to ride electric bikes (or people aged 14 and above with a moped licence).

Prices in CHF incl. VAT / Prices and products subject to alteration

Other prices / information and reservations

Prices and informations by a start from Emmentaler Show Dairy, Affoltern i. E.



The Emmentaler Cheese Route starts and finishes in Burgdorf.
You can choose from either a 1-day tour (35 km) or a 2-day tour (78 km). For 80% of the way, the tours follow signposted SwitzerlandMobility routes. As a result, route-finding is very easy thanks to the app and the signposting. There are several battery exchange points en route.


Along the way, there are a total of 21 attraction points on the longer tour and 11 on the shorter one. These provide fascinating information about Emmentaler cheese. When visiting a farm, for example, users can learn how much milk a cow produces per day and how tiring it must have been to transport milk 100 years ago.
At the Emmentaler Show Dairy, visitors can view a live demonstration of how the famous Emmentaler cheese is produced.


When using the Cheese Route app (for Android or iOS), visitors are guided along the route with the help of GPS technology. The app can be downloaded free of charge.

At each attraction point, an audio alarm sounds and the app supplies fascinating information about the attraction. Visual support is provided by a gallery of images with relevance to the topic. At each attraction point, users can click the “Ideas” icon in the navigation bar to find out at which local places they can eat, find accommodation, purchase cheese or change the battery on their electric bike.

The app is trilingual (with texts in German, French and English), while the audio content is quadrilingual (Swiss German, German, French and English).

Smartphone hire

At the Burgdorf tourist office, smartphones can be hired for CHF 20.00 (or for CHF 30.00 for two days). The customer leaves a deposit in the form of an officially valid document. Note that the app does not work with iPhone 3Gs.

Tourist Office Burgdorf

Mon–Fri      09.00–17.00 hours
Sat              09.00–12.00 hours
Sun             Closed

Battery exchange stations

There are 4 charging stations along the route: At the Lueg monument; at the Show Dairy in Affoltern; in Langnau; and at the Rüttihubelbad (Walkringen).

Further informations on the Cheese Route and App download

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