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Ciclovia del Toce – cycling in the Ossola Valley

Cycling by the River Toce from Domodossola to Lake Mergozzo

The entire plain of the Ossola Valley is ideal for a cycling tour. From the rural villages around Domodossola through to Lake Mergozzo, there are endless kilometres of signposted cycle and walking paths. The cycle path by the River Toce (Ciclovia del Toce) can be used all year round and follows the course of the River Toce from Domodossola to Verbania-Fondotoce in the vicinity of the nature reserve bearing the same name. The route traverses the fascinating plain of the Ossola Valley.


The offer is available all year round.

Subject to change without prior notice


The routes can be used free of charge.


The tour is also suitable for untrained cyclists. 

The cycle path is part of Route 15 “From Switzerland to the Sea” of the Italian Bicitalia, dBicitalia cycling network, which connects Locarno on the Swiss side of Lake Maggiore with Ventimiglia. 

The route can be cycled in its entirety or divided up into four thematically arranged routes. 

A cycling tour surrounded by rivers 

  • Route: Domodossola, Crevoladossola, Pontetto di Montecrestese, Masera, Croppo di Trontano, Ponte della Mizzoccola bridge, Domodossola
  • Starting point: Domodossola, car park of the Vigezzina-Centovalli Railway behind the Train Station
  • Distance: 18.0 km
  • The route is marked with light-blue arrows, it is mandatory to cycle it clockwise
  • The route takes you past the Toce, Bogna, Diveria, Isorno and Melezzo rivers

A cycling tour through villages

  • Route: Domodossola, Villadossola, Pallanzeno, Piedimulera, Pieve Vergonte, connecting bridge over the River Toce, Vogogna
  • Starting point: Domodossola Train Station
  • Distance: 25.8 km
  • The route is marked with brown metal signposts that display the individual destinations and the number of kilometres

A cycling tour through forests

  • Route: Vogogna, WWF Tenso woodland oasis, Cuzzago, Migiandone bridge, Migiandone, Punta di Migiandone, Lago delle Rose, Ornavasso
  • Starting point: Vogogna
  • Distance: 19.2 km

A cycling tour amidst flowers

  • Route: Ornavasso, connecting bridge over the River Toce, Mergozzo, Pra’ Michelaccio, Verbania Fondotoce, Verbania Pallanza FS Train Station
  • Starting point: Ornavasso
  • Distance: 15.0 km
  • The route is marked with magenta-red signposts

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