Car Transport Brig–Iselle

Timetable Brig–Iselle

The ride takes 20 minutes

ab 08.02.2021

Mon-Sun, every 90 minutes

  • First train from Brig 5:28, then every 90 min. (except 11:28), last train from Brig 17:28
  • First train from Iselle 6:06, then every 90 min. (except 12:06), last train from Iselle 18:06 

Please note

Please note that your vehicle must be ready for loading by the following deadlines

Check In Deadline Iselle–Brig Please note

Motorfahrzeuge bis 3.5t           5 Min.
Wohnmobile, Wohnwagen     10 Min.
Motorräder, Fahrräder            10 Min.


Please note

  • No reservations possible
  • No guarantee of transport
  • Passengers must remain seated in their vehicle during the journey
  • Cyclists and motorcyclists travel in a closed carriage
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Car Transport Brig–Iselle
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