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Ticket & timetable App
BLS Mobil-App: Ihre persönliche ÖV-App
BLS Mobil – Your personal timetable and ticket app

An app that addresses you by your name and directly stores your favourite connections? The BLS Mobil app can do it!

Online Tickets Car Transport
Autoverlad Lötschberg Online Ticket
Buy single tickets online and pay less

Buy single tickets for motor vehicle weighing up to 3.5t online and pay less.

LiberoTickets app – Buy a ticket with just two clicks

Single tickets, day passes and multiple-journey tickets on your mobile phone – quick, easy and secure. With the LiberoTickets app, your smartphone instantly becomes a ticket machine.

Lezzgo ticket app
The simply-get-on-change-get-off-and-pay-later app!

With the “lezzgo” app, buying a ticket before getting on the train, bus or tram becomes a thing of the past.

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