Ticket sales on buses

Hop on – our bus drivers are here to help you.

You can purchase tickets directly from our bus drivers, who will also be happy to provide you with information on the types of tickets available. We offer you a selection of tickets for nationwide travel, as well as tickets and season tickets within the Libero fare network. Please understand that due to timetable considerations, the processing of weekly and monthly season tickets will take more time.

Range of tickets

Tickets Switzerland

  • Point-to-point Ticket
  • Multiple-journey ticket
  • 1-day travelpass for the Half-Fare travelcard
  • Multipack of 1-day travelpasses for the Half-Fare travelcard
  • City-Tickets for major city destinations
  • 1-day travelpass for children
  • 1-day travelpass for dogs
  • 1-day bike pass
  • Multipack of 1-day bike passes (multiple-journey ticket)

Libero fare network

  • Libero monthly season ticket for adults, young people and seniors
  • Libero Individual ticket
  • Libero multiple-journey ticket
  • Libero Day Pass
  • Libero Day Pass multipack
  • Libero zone upgrade
  • Libero zone upgrade multiple-journey ticket

Payment options

Drivers accept the following forms of payment:

  • CHF coins and banknotes
  • EUR banknotes (change in CHF)
  • Reka Rail, Rail-Checks, Reka-Checks, Reka-Card
  • Public transport vouchers

Please note that credit cards are not accepted on our buses.

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