Staffed points of sale

Personally available to you

We’re happy to be personally available to you. At our BLS Travel Centres and points of sale, at our boat landing stages, and at our Car Transport service. But also in collaboration with numerous partners.

All Travel Centres

Belp Today: 06:15–19:00

Bern, Bümpliz Today: 07:00–19:00

Bern, Genfergasse Today: 09:00–12:30

Bern, Weissenbühl Today: closed

Biberist Today: 05:15–12:30

Biglen Today: 06:30–09:15, 09:45–11:40, 13:50–17:00

Düdingen Today: 07:30–14:00

Frutigen Today: 07:15–11:45, 13:20–16:40

Gerlafingen Today: 05:15–23:00

Gümligen Today: 07:45–16:30

Hasle-Rüegsau Today: 07:20–11:45, 12:45–16:15

Huttwil Today: 07:00–11:30, 12:30–16:00

Ins Today: 07:00–18:00

Interlaken Today: 06:40–19:00

Kandersteg Today: 07:00–11:45, 13:05–16:45

Kerzers Today: 07:40–12:15, 13:15–16:50

Kirchberg-Alchenflüh Today: 07:30–11:45, 12:15–15:40

Konolfingen Today: 07:45–12:10, 12:50–16:30

Köniz Today: 07:00–17:00

Langnau Today: 07:40–16:40

Menznau Today: closed

Murten Today: 07:50–18:00

Ostermundigen Today: 08:00–12:00, 13:00–16:30

Schwarzenburg Today: 06:40–11:30, 12:40–16:00

Schüpfheim Today: closed

Seftigen Today: 07:30–12:00, 13:00–16:30

Spiez Today: 07:00–18:30

Sumiswald-Grünen Today: 08:00–12:00, 13:00–17:00

Utzenstorf Today: 09:00–16:00

Willisau Today: 07:45–11:30, 12:45–17:00

Zollikofen Today: 08:00–12:00, 13:00–16:00

Zweisimmen Today: 06:50–18:30

Boat landing stages

Tickets, cruises

  • Thun boat landing stage
  • Interlaken West boat landing stage
  • Interlaken Ost boat landing stage
  • Brienz boat landing stage
The opening times are based on the timetable.

Lötschberg Car Transport service

Single tickets, Kandersteg–Goppenstein

  • Kandersteg and Goppenstein car transport stations
  • BLS Travel Centres
  • Motorway service areas:
    Basel Weil (Mövenpick Marché, Travelex desk)
    Bern Grauholz (at the kiosk in the restaurant)
    Deitingen Nord
    Autogrill Shopping Bridge Pratteln
    Autogrill Münsingen service area
  • Automobile club: ACL Luxembourg

Points card

  • Kandersteg and Goppenstein car transport stations
  • BLS Travel Centres at Kandersteg and Bern

Single tickets, Kandersteg–Iselle

  • BLS Travel Centres
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